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Losing and blessing

God bless you!

For the first time in my life, I finally understood how some people could say “God bless you!” even after they’ve been wronged.

I’ve always thought that these people are either living in a glazed world or are simply hypocrites!   Until I found myself doing the same thing to my cell phone thief two days after I lost it.

I took a quick trip to the ladies’ room just a few minutes before my 530 KT class started.  I was in a hurry to get back to my seat and start an online group class.  It wasn’t until my class ended when I realized that my cellphone’s not in its usual place:  on top of my paper holder next to my computer monitor.  I tried to keep calm as I quickly went back to our office rest room.

Alas, it was no longer there!  I asked a friend to ring it, but the person who took it has already turned it off.  Still, I tried to keep calm even as I rushed to our IT guy to help me send a message to be sent to everyone on the floor.  I notified my Team Leader too, who immediately sent messages to her fellow Team Leaders to help in the search.

It was my fifteen minutes of fame. Or maybe even more.  A lot of my workmates responded to my message with sympathy, while there was one who got offended by it, thinking that I was singling her out, accusing her of taking my dear phone.

There were also some who took the time to find my station to personally talk to me and comfort me.  It was awesome!  I’d like to believe that this is what human nature’s really about. Reaching out to those in need, hospitality.  Yet, it was also unbelievable that after some pleading–I sent two messages–my thief was still unmoved.

A couple of days later, my seatmate comforted me by saying “God bless you.  Don’t worry, I’m sure God will replace it with something much better than that.”  For some reason, without really thinking about it, my response was:

“Thanks.  But I think she’s the one who needs to be blessed.  Only then might she realize that what she did was wrong, and return my phone.”

This surprised me, really, and it seemed to have impressed my audience at the same time as she nodded her agreement.

Bless my enemies?  Sure.  Any given day.  I think I can do that now.

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  1. Malot says

    Three months later, I was able to buy a new phone, a Sony Ericsson K770i, which I call Truffle. It was an upgrade of the model I lost. A year later, my husband sent me the latest Motorola Android (Milestone XT720) phone from Singapore for our 7th church wedding anniversary, and an iPhone 3GS for my 33rd birthday. If that’s what losing a phone could mean, blessing the thief would always be easy! LOL


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