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Irate customer

Having worked as a CSR for a few years and being a trainer in the field as well has sort of made me an expert at manipulating situations to my benefit, it seems. I know well enough who to speak with when things aren’t going the way I expect them to be, and if the situation calls for playing the role of an irate customer, I can pretty much do that easily too.

Playing or being irate isn’t all beneficial though, and I had promised myself not to do it anymore.  Recently, however, my resolution was put to the test. As I tried to deal amicably with a couple of cable companies claiming that we owe them some money in the past, when we have properly terminated our previous contracts with them years ago, I found myself being irate once more.  In the end, I sure got what I wanted though the feeling wasn’t entirely nice.  My blood pressure rose as I actually became angry and indignant. I felt so mean that I apologized to the customer service representative toward the end of our conversation.

Next time something of the sort happens, I shall do my best to play the role of the gentle sun and not of the abrasive wind.  It doesn’t matter if playing the role of the latter gets me the things I wanted.  After all, it’s not sweet success when you have to force something on someone.


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