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Learning from my little Z

Kids say the darnest things, indeed, especially the smarter ones. For a four-year old girl, I’d say my daughter Z is very smart. Once she’s bent on something, nothing you say can make her change her mind. Bribery doesn’t work either. Whereas her older sister would ask questions usually for the sake of conversation, she would

ask questions out of genuine curiosity and usually after she’d thought of an answer, as if to test your knowledge at the same time verify what she thought she already knew. There are times when she tries to be funny–she sure has a good sense of humor despite being moody–but there are times when she’s serious, too.

One particular conversation with her that I shall never forget took place a couple of months after we moved to another house in the village. This was after I had decided that my relationship with my in-laws was finally broken into pieces and would never be good again. Out of the blue, she told me that her father’s mother was not really a bad person, but only pretending to be bad. When I asked her why she thought of her that way, she said that it was because she gave her and her sister good gifts. She would even go as far as to remind me that my mother-in-law had once apologized and she believed that she’s a good girl now.

I wasn’t sure how to react to what she said. I wanted to reason out to her that she was there, she had witnessed how her grandmother had hurt me and even tried to hurt her, her sister, and their babysitter.  But I know that wouldn’t be fair. She has learned to forgive like any mature Christian should, and I am shamed by her words. Instead of being a good role model before my children, it seemed that it has become the other way around.

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