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I don’t understand why some people find it very difficult to be honest and straightforward, especially when they are aware that their help or attention is very much needed. With the various–and advanced–communication tools available nowadays, one would think that there is no more excuse for someone not to be able to respond immediately to an urgent message sent via email or text message within a few hours, unless of course the other person is in some remote area where both Internet and mobile phones are uncommon, if not unheard of; too broke to get some prepaid load and everyone around him is his enemy that he could not ask anyone a favor to let him use his phone; all alone and very sick or lying in the hospital bed; or simply dead.

I know I am guilty of not being able to respond to text messages immediately, especially if they’re sent by the time I am already asleep, when I am beating a deadline, or my surrounding simply requires me to turn off my phone or put it to silent mode. I also tend to postpone responding to text messages that are not urgent by nature, and even simply dismiss some of them as in the case of advertisements and e-bill notifications from my mobile service providers, a chain text message from my daughter’s class adviser, quotations, or jokes. I also tend to overlook some online messages when I am busy with work and delay in answering them when I am away from my computer. And, yes, I tend to postpone looking at  my mobile phones when I am busy with my job(s). Unless the message is urgent, and requires my immediate attention and response, or I have so much time in my hands, I do not respond to a message right away, but I will surely do as soon as I get the chance within the day.

In my family, it is understood that if you need to communicate a very important or urgent information, you call the person. Hence, calls should not be ignored, especially if it’s from a family member or a registered caller, but if for some reason we do miss a call, it’s imperative that we try our best to contact the caller as soon as we see the missed call register on our mobile phones or computer screens.

I wish every person in my phone book, at least, would share the same values. I think just a little respect would do the trick. Why keep ignoring the messages and calls you’ve been getting when the person is obviously trying to reach you for some urgent reason? If you can’t be of any service, then politely say so. I know this is a certain Filipino trait wherein one would rather keep silent or leave the scene when he knew he couldn’t deliver a promise, instead of coming out clean. Well, it’s just frustrating, especially if you knew that you’re dealing with an educated individual.

I am particularly disappointed with a contact who promised to help me with my research project by introducing me to an English instructor in their university who could facilitate the distribution of my survey sheets. I don’t mind doing the survey distribution myself, really; all I was asking was for her to give me the names of the heads I should address my letter asking for permission to conduct the survey as well as the directions to their university since their school website does not bear their names and the online chat application is always offline, and no one in their school has responded to the inquiry I have sent. After she agreed to help me, I have tried calling her again and I have also sent her text messages as well as emails to both her personal email and Facebook accounts to follow up on our agreement. I didn’t receive a single response in any form, but she consistently sends me Farmville gift requests at Facebook even to this day. Wow.

I have finally decided to look for another state university where I could conduct my research. I’ve already lost so much time, but I hope the project would still turn out well. I suppose it’s high time for me now to clean up my phone book and see which contact is worth retaining, too.

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