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Friday night mayhem

It’s ‘this’ time again when I feel torn by so many things. Clock’s ticking and the week’s almost over for me. I still have editing tasks to finish and submit early tomorrow morning, a research paper and academic essays to accomplish for my graduate class tomorrow noon, and lots of house chores to do. As usual, the house is a mess. And I hate leaving home early Saturday morning only to return to it in the evening in the same condition. My OC-ness seems to have been finally overpowered by my messy surroundings, and my decluttering attempts have not been very successful so far. My girls continue to do their ways, that is, watch a DVD movie on Friday night with a bowl of popcorn. They’ve finally come to understand that mommy has work to do and school assignments to finish, especially that it’s Friday night already… So why am I blogging now? Well, just taking some time off, I guess. Somehow, this activity helps me relieve stress. I write primarily to relieve stress. To breathe. And that’s what I’m doing now… alright, I’m going back to work now!

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