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Crossing the Bridge of Now and Then

Crossing the bridge of now and thenThis is probably one of those days when I couldn’t help feeling helpless. My husband‘s in a foreign country, alone and very sick. His skin asthma has recurred (it normally does every three years) and so far, this year’s the worst breakout he’s ever had. More, his medical supplies have already run out.

I have tried flying to him, but since my passport’s within six months of its expiration now, online ticketing sites would no longer accommodate me. I have also tried sending him medicines through FedEx, but they require a medical certificate and a doctor’s prescription, which we no longer have. He has already seen a doctor in his area, but he was only given some herbal medicine that did not help much to alleviate his condition. He has tried buying the same type of medicines he has been using, but they are not readily available where he is now, unlike here in the Philippines. A friend has already agreed to bring him his medicines, but he won’t be receiving them until Thursday or even Friday this week. Between then and now, I have just realized that a zillion things could happen. By the look of his swollen and wounded feet, he could get an amputation. His back, arms, and chest are already covered by wounds that his shirts are blood-stained each time he take them off.

I guess the most bothersome part for me is knowing that however tough my husband seems to be, his faith in the Lord may not be as deep. He continues to go to work, trying mightily as he could, concealing his wounds by wearing a jacket. So far, his face, neck, and hands are not affected yet, still making him look normal. I am afraid though that he might not be able to conceal his real condition for a longer period of time, and might break down soon, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. In fact, he is already exhibiting signs.

Last night, he was very irritable until I found out the reason for this. His sister who happens to be a physician, in whom he had apparently put his faith, had let him down. She promised to send him at least a week’s supply of medicines through FedEx since she has the capability to provide the necessary medical documents, but for some reason–which I have decided would be so much better for me to remain unknown–my husband told me that she would no longer be able to send him the goods she promised.

Whatever it is that God is trying to tell us in this moment of great need, I hope it will be crystal clear not only to me, but to my husband who urgently needs help now. Between now and the time he’s supposed to receive his new batch of medicines, so many things could happen. However, despite our seemingly desperate situation, I choose to put my hope in the Lord.

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