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Dreaming of water

It’s one of those days that I just feel lethargic, mostly because of the weather. Of all the days, why did the water company choose today to clean the water tanks and cut the water supply in our village? I don’t understand why they have to do it on a Saturday and again, without prior notice. Even if we have already made plans to spend the day somewhere, we still have lots of chores to perform first at home before we leave, not to mention, activities relating to hygiene. Sure, today’s windy, but it still feels hot! The wind does not really help that much, especially that clean water for bathing, cooking, washing the dishes, and watering the plants is what we need now, including water for pets. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever longed for the pool at my brother’s condo and yes, Boracay–I’d like to go back there–until now. It doesn’t matter if the sun’s glaring as long as I’m dipped in cool water. The heat is starting to make me feel not only tired, but irritable as well.

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