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Leading my child to Christ

One of the most challenging roles that I have to face as a mother is imparting my faith to my children. I am a Christian mom. Yes, I am! But, no, I do not always proclaim this aloud for fear that the unbelievers around me would not take my testimony seriously if they ever witness me sinning. However, what good is being a Christian without shedding Christ‘s light unto the world?

Last night, my daughters and I watched “The Passion of the Christ” on our DVD player. However, only my 7-year old girl and I stayed up to watch it; Z, four, dozed off a few minutes after the film started. And to my surprise, my eldest daughter A cried almost the whole time we were watching it. I didn’t realize that the movie would have so much impact to her. Every time the Christ was beaten, she would wail. I was actually afraid that the neighbors might think I was hitting my daughter or something. Well, she sure had a good cry, and her questions just kept on pouring: “Why do they have to hurt Him? Why don’t they show pity on Him? Where are His family and friends–why are they not defending Him? Why do Jesus allow them to hurt Him? Why doesn’t God do something about it?” And as she continued to ask these questions, I also asked myself silently why I continue to sin and why I have not been observing my duties as a Christian religiously.

A was watching the movie as if the scenes were actually happening before her, wishing all the wickedness, the savagery displayed by the pharisees, the soldiers, and the mob to stop. Somehow, I just knew then that my child’s already old enough to understand Salvation. Maybe not fully as one could be expected from an adult, but then again, my daughter has always displayed maturity that is beyond her age.

I began by reminding her of the story of Adam and Eve and how they were banished from the Garden of Eden. I reminded her the other stories we read from their Children’s Bible, and tried to connect them to the truths and values presented in the movie, to facts about God’s love for us and man’s sinfulness. I tried to answer all her questions as best as I could and she appeared to be satisfied with the explanations I offered.

Before she went to bed, we prayed together. I also allowed her to pray by herself, a prayer of acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Yesterday then, 22 April 2011, would mark her spiritual birthday, that is, the day she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. She surprised me even more when she asked what she needed to do after she had prayed. I told her to always try to remember Christ’s suffering and the reason for it . I also told her that she would have to be baptized–which she became very excited about–that she already had a date in mind!

And now that one of my children has been won over, I couldn’t feel prouder of being a Christian mom. Yes, my daughter(s) and I would probably stumble from time to time. But the difficulties should only remind us of what Christ did for us.

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