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Missing and wishing

Patagonia from one of Mike’s albums

I have just finished looking at my friend Michelle’s photos on Facebook. She and seven other travellers came together to visit Patagonia. She took great pictures and the sceneries were simply breathtaking. And to think I never thought such place with such name existed until she posted her albums!

As I was looking at her pictures, a few things came to my mind. First, how blessed she is to be able to travel to such places. I wonder if God would ever allow me (with my family) to see such places too, and if yes, I wonder when that would happen. Although I am happy for her–after the painful divorce she had to deal with last year, she certainly needs a break, and a fabulous one such as this–I must admit that I am also envious of my friend’s travel escapades. To be able to travel and see the world would always be one of my dreams and prayers yet to be answered by God.

The other thing I realized was that I’ve missed my friend and our highschool group very much. She was one of my best friends in high school, one of the two persons closest to me in our group. I wonder when we’re going to see each other again, since she now lives in London, and has actually been living there for so many years now. The only time I saw her again since she left for UK was a couple of years ago, on her wedding day at Caleruaga–another beautiful place.

After seeing her albums several times, it was not surprising that I dreamed of Mike (Michelle’s nickname) the other night. In my dream, I showed up in her flat in London without a warning. I simply looked up her address in the yellow pages, then found myself knocking at her door. I arrived in the evening–bedtime, actually–and was disappointed because I only came to have lunch with her and intended to go back home before my children realized that I was gone for a couple of days or so. Finally, we had a long lunch the following day and she accompanied me to the Top Shop and Harrod’s because I wanted a scarf from either of them. After I bought a scarf, I went straight home (Philippines) while she went to work. However, when I got home and my girls realized that I had been abroad, they insisted that I go back to England with them that same day. And so we did, and I saw Mike again.

I wish things were really as simple as it were in my dreams. That my family and I could go to places anytime and that I could see any friend I wish to see anytime and anywhere as well. Most of my highschool and college best friends are now living abroad, in different countries. It seems that I’m the only one left here in the Philippines now. However, though some of them are married or have been married, all of them do not have children yet. I wonder if things will still be the same between all of my friends and me when we see each other again, as if we only last saw each other yesterday. I wonder if I’ll ever see them exactly where they are now. (I hope so!)

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