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Remembering my role

I don’t have much experience in declining a job offer, but I’m starting to gain now fast. As soon as I have completed my profile in oDesk recently and started applying for jobs that are really suitable to my skills, I started getting good responses, even invitations to an interview that include messages saying how much they’d like to have me apply for the job they’re posting.

Honestly, I never thought that could happen to me–certainly not on oDesk where many freelancers who are just starting out get easily frustrated either because no one would hire them (being new, maybe) or the compensation offerred is just too low that it’s insulting. (Yes, it happened to me too.)

When I think about money, I’d like to take on their offers. But I have to be realistic. I don’t have much time to work on numerous projects. In fact, I have just turned down the job I was so excited about the past few weeks because the training did not take place immediately as expected and my schedule has also unexpectedly changed recently.

Whereas in the past, I’d feel smug when I would turn down a job offer, this time, I feel rather sad. Because I had felt the confidence of the people in the company, believing I was the right person for the job… Because the client (Canadians) immediately found a way to keep me on his pilot team by offering me a split shift. However, I have to get real: without a helper, a husband or a near kin to assist me with the house chores and child care, there will be days that I simply won’t be able to do the job, especially in the morning. (And I would hate that very much!)

For now, a part-time home-based job would be more than enough to keep me both preoccupied and productive while my girls are in school. Again, I am a mom first. As much as I would like to work, learn, and earn, I have to fulfill my role first as a mother.

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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