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Silver lining

I am getting distracted more than ever. I’m supposed to submit three press releases today and edit some academic paper, write two essays… and my laptop has not been cooperating until now. Since I installed a new anti-virus software recently–courtesy of my husband–it just started doing crazy things. Really, of all the brands he’d buy, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t choose the one I have previously been using.

I got very frustrated, since I didn’t have time to go out and find an Internet shop where I could work, especially not in the evening and with two little girls in tow. Anyway, I only have a few hours left or less than a day before TAT (turn around time). I’d better get going now before I start failing everyone including myself. I’m just blogging to breathe and give some update.

For one, my dear little Z took an exam this morning at a renowned Montessori school in the area. The result? Really good! Her mathematical abilities are way advanced to place her in Nursery level despite the fact that it’ll be her first time to attend school. According to the head teacher, Z’s a quick learner–can understand and follow instructions well. In fact, she said that she did not have to repeat any of the instructions at all.

Hence, Z will be in Kindergarten and only because she can’t read well yet. My fault, I know. Because I taught her the alphabet the traditional method then suddenly switched to using phonetics. Hence, the confusion. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that she will advance to Prep if she’s able to read sentences by middle of the school year. After all, she’s a quick learner and can already recognize most of the vowel and consonant sounds, and shows a high aptitude in math.

Of course, her father’s very proud that she seemed to have inherited his mathematical abilities. I guess I have something to celebrate today after all. More, I am optimistic that everything else will turn out great before the day ends.

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