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Goodbye, November

It sure has been an eventful month for me and of all the months that came this year so far, it seemed like November was the one that passed most quickly. I don’t think I’m ready for Christmas yet, even if I’ve already started decorating our house. With all the emotions that shook me this month, one would think that I’d be ready to move on, but somehow, something makes me want to look back and hold on. Maybe it’s because my November has never been so colorful in the recent years.

Let’s see… The month started with me getting very excited over my birthday. And that was something that I had not felt in a long time! Then there came my presents from my husband, particularly my brand new iPhone 4S all the way from Singapore. Plus, I didn’t just get one whole day to celebrate my birthday, but I also got a post-birthday celebration on the last weekend of November. I also met a couple of old friends during this month, gained a new friend, and even got two puppies too.

On the other hand, a very good neighbor who had been very fatherly to me died, not to mention a pet fish and another puppy (supposedly the third one that we would get) also died, and I have friends suffering from depression because of a loved one’s illness or death. And then there’s work. Despite my effort to keep only a two-hour work schedule this month, I found that rather impossible. I still get to spend four hours, and there’s a chance that might double in December. Well, that means I’m losing sleep again, and with lack of sleep I tend to be cranky. And it doesn’t matter whether I love my job so much! It still means less time with my children and my own self.

Surprises had come my way in bulk order this month it seems, wrapped colorfully. I have learned a lot of things and realized more than ever what it means to have a good family and true friends. I think I was finally able to distinguish and accept some of the realities in life that I simply refused to face in the past. Thank you, November. I look forward to seeing you again next year, and hopefully, you’d bring me nothing but good tidings then.


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