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Finding my way back

I miss blogging!

I miss writing, even editing. But not when it means tight deadlines with tons of articles to write and edit. I think I’d take some rest now from the very same things that used to make me thrive. This time, I just want to write for my own pleasure, find my way back into enjoying it.

After a few months of a sedentary lifestyle–definitely not by choice, I assure you–I long to relive the good old days when I could simply put my energy into every thing that I’d like to do or learn. Here are some of the things that I would like to be able to accomplish and enjoy very soon:

  • Resume my adventure in discovering new recipes that will once again make my children look forward to every meal in the day;
  • Relearn how to use an SLR camera and shoot beautiful pictures without the aid of a photo editing software (I don’t know how to use one, anyway). With my husband’s advance wedding anniversary gift, a Nikon D5100, I shall not be labeled as someone who owns an overpriced camera but knows nothing about it or photography per se;
  • Join fun runs again and go biking with my family and friends, even go back to the gym and work out regularly once more before I become too fat and lazy to do these things;
  • Learn how to put on makeup, especially that I recently received a great makeup kit from a friend who came home from Canada. It doesn’t matter if I don’t work in the office or attend parties (except kiddie parties) anymore and do not necessarily need to use some;
  • Bring my children to the places I loved as well as introduce them to the activities I enjoyed when I was their age for them to get to know me better; and
  • Write about every single thing that tickles my hands–yes, they can now feel again–and imagination while I still can. After all, I blog mostly to keep track of my experiences, to have something to laugh and weep about when I feel lonely or bored, as well as have something to remind me of the lessons I learned in the past as I read my own stories, and to keep my creative juices flowing. Besides, if I die young, at least my children would still have stories to tell others about their mother through my blogs.*wink

Now that I have decided on these things, I feel so much energized. With my physical condition getting better each day, it seems, and with school out in a week’s time, I have more reasons to look forward to each morning, not to mention that my husband’s also coming home soon for a two-week vacation from his work abroad.

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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