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Time management for busy moms like me

It’s only the 10th of the month, yet to me it feels like it’s month-end already. Somehow, I already feel tired and could no longer keep track of the days. It looks like I need to double check on my priorities and reorganize my schedule. I seriously need to manage my time well. I feel so harassed and overwhelmed at the tasks that I need to do. I’m also out almost everyday this month so far, and I’m starting to feel that 24 hours in a day is no longer enough.

Burn out. I guess that’s exactly the word to describe what I’m going through now. I wish I could have a week only to myself. No worries, no concerns, no emails, no goals to meet, no marketing strategies to conjure, no meetings, no phone calls, not even text messages. Just a week to relax, be quiet, eat, read, pray, reflect, and sleep.  I actually tried to do that this weekend. I just spent the whole weekend with my girls, not bothering to check my email, we went to the malls, I met with a group of Christian women just for fellowship, attended church service, bought a few things nice, and had some of our favorite foods (i.e., lasagna, pizza, cheeseburger, cake, and ice cream). It had been a glorious weekend for my little girls and myself!

Come Monday morning, however, I started feeling so stressed because of the house chores that have already piled up (I have not cleaned the house since Thursday!), not to mention errands that I needed to finish. And then there are still other things that I needed to take care of–finances, freelance work, including my new business. Sometimes, I’ve thought of just giving up, staying at home, devoting my time solely to taking care of house chores and my children, as well as exercising, if not pampering myself at salons and spas or simply taking a beauty sleep while my children are in school. After all, my husband can take care of our family’s finances without myself having to earn a living, anyway.

But then, that’s not the kind of woman, wife, mother that I would like to be. That is, to be solely dependent on my husband and expect him to take care of everything. No, my parents did not raise me to be that way. Even in her old age, my late mother continued to earn from her own small businesses. Moreover, a Proverbs 31 Woman is not supposed to be that way either.

I’m nearly 35 years old, but I’m still having difficulty at times striking a balance in my various activities. One thing I re-learned recently though–thanks to excellent business articles and videos I’ve seen online–and need to seriously and consistently do, is a good technique in time management. This is how it goes…

First, I have to list all my priorities. As I do that, I have to decide which of those priorities would have to take up most of my time during the day, and which time of the day I would have to focus on them.

Second, I have to decide which of my activities (according to my priorities) are to be performed on a daily basis, weekly, and monthly. In addition, I should have my list ready before the next day (for daily tasks) or week (before the current week ends), and so on.

Third, I have to set a specific time for all those activities, and as I do so, I have to be realistic about it. For instance, if it would take about two hours, then I shall make sure that I allot two hours for that particular activity and no less, just to try to accommodate other things or people.

Fourth, I need to set aside a block out of my daily schedule for something on top of my priority list. That should be my “do not disturb” time, which should also be clear to the people around me.

Lastly, I need to set aside time for my own relaxation, so I could always come up with fresh ideas and avoid getting burned out.

Now that I’ve written down my own reminders, well, they actually look quite a handful, but simple enough to follow. Again, it’s only the 10th of the month, so I shouldn’t feel like I’m contending with month-end checks. I can do better in the coming days and I shall not give up.

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