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Little Z shares Jesus to others

This afternoon, my preschooler Little Z went home excited to tell me how she shared Jesus to her classmates. She said two of them were fighting again, so she told them to make peace and say ‘sorry’ to each other. After telling them about Jesus, she said the little girl was so afraid that Jesus won’t forgive her. To further assure her that Jesus would, my Little Z said she drew a cross for her.

After hearing all this, I swelled with both pride and shame. Pride, knowing that my child is on the right track. Heck, that’s a six-year old girl carrying out The Great Commission! And she happens to be my daughter. Shame because a six-year old child has been trying faithfully to carry out The Great Commission ever since her Sunday School teachers gave their class the assignment to “share Jesus to others”, whereas I, who happens to be her mom, has not seriously done that for years!

I was so moved by my daughter’s story that I was speechless. All I could do was go to our bedroom, cry, and pray. I remembered my realizations during my quiet time yesterday, my answered prayers… I could see more clearly now how God has been moving in our family. No, I do not consider myself as a very good role model for my children at all, as much as I try to influence them positively. All I could give myself credit for is my being prayerful, I believe. I mean, I always pray for my husband, my children, my father, relatives, friends, even strangers. I’m a great believer in the power of prayer, especially when done collectively by believers. I’ve heard about the power of a praying woman, wife, and mother. And I hope to manifest that power for the good of every member of my family and for His name’s sake.

Indeed, to the children, God’s kingdom belongs.

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