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I had the opportunity to attend one of Unleash International’s famous seminars yesterday. A dear friend, who is also a full-time homemaker with two young children and a husband working abroad. invited me to it. A friend of hers had also invited her, and had the impression that the seminar was intended for OFWs and their families only. Since both of our Internet connection were not functioning well lately, we were unable to find out the exact details of the seminar online. We simply went ahead and attended the seminar, “Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Money”, at my first home church, Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) in Ortigas. The event lasted for one whole day.

It turned out that it was exactly what I had been hoping to attend – a short, or should I say full, course on financial literacy, highlighting the need for effective parenting. And, to think that it had been given to us for free, when corporate participants are supposed to pay P3,000/head to be able to attend it at Unleash International’s own facilities, now that’s just awesome!

I wish I could discuss the details of the seminar here, but because I am not allowed to do so, I would only urge individuals and organizations to attend the same seminar, which is regularly held at their office in Ortigas, though you may also invite them to your respective offices to conduct seminars. I have learned so much, I had fun while learning, and I must say that I even had an epiphany that I couldn’t wait to become a reality within a year from now!

Husband and wife/founders of Unleash International, Eric and Avelynn Garcia, along with their fellow trainer MJ, were amazing motivational speakers. There was not a dull moment throughout the seminar – I found myself hanging on every word they said, always waiting for the next tip that they would be sharing, and the fact that what they share with us came from both their own experiences and diligent research made the information all the more valuable and insipiring. Meeting former Bb. Pilipinas Miriam Quiambao and 700 Club Asia’s male host Peter Kairus at the conference were also a plus, although I’m not exactly a big fan of both celebrities.

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