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Having an early nest syndrome

So this is how it feels to have both of my children gone to school while I’m left all alone in the house…

I have to admit that there were times when I looked forward to this day, but dreaded it at the same time. I looked forward to it because I thought having both of my children gone to school at the same time would finally allow me more time to build my business as well as the luxury of me time–obviously, the latter is something that happens very rarely and what I am craving for the most! On the other hand, I have dreaded this day as I have gotten so used to having my children with me all the time, especially during the summer vacation. We eat together and sleep together. They also attend business meetings and training with me that they’ve come to treat some of my business colleagues as their adult friends. No, I don’t think I’ll ever be complete without my girls by my side.

Now that my Big Baby A and my Little Baby Z are both in grade school, the former a fourth grader and the latter a first grader, their classes are now from morning till afternoon. They both leave at 7:20 AM and come home at 4 and 3 PM, respectively. Today’s the first day of their regular classes, so I have about eight hours to myself. I thought the silence would be refreshing and I would be able to resume sleep as soon as their school bus picked them (up). On the contrary, the silence was rather uncomfortable that even our dog Bruno seemed to have felt the girls’ absence and was restless. It was a good thing, I guess, that I was exhausted and lacked sleep that I was still able to go back to bed, with only a little difficulty. The whole time I was awake, however, I was nervous. I was surprisingly anxious to hear from my daughters, to learn that they’re doing okay, that there’s no accident and no one attempting to bully them either. I couldn’t wait to have them back home!

Maybe I just need to be busier. Yes, busier than I already am. After all, if I still have time to worry about so many things, that means my mind’s still wandering and my hands are empty, right? Or, maybe I’m just so uptight? Nevertheless, now that I’m supposed to finally have more time in my hands, I should be more productive not only around the house, but outside as well. I’d better start getting used to spending eight hours of my time on weekdays without the girls by my side, and begin planning how I would spend the day in a most productive yet enjoyable manner. Any suggestions? 🙂 I wonder though if this is exactly how it feels to have college kids away from home…

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