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It’s ironic that my husband had to remind me how special this day had been, Not only because I’m celebrating my birthday, but also because this day shall never appear again in the calendar. 11-12-13. And I think this is the last time I shall be writing about dates or numbers, for that matter, then.

To be honest, I didn’t really feel any extra special today. I didn’t sleep last night excited about today, although I did feel happy because I just earned my first ten-digit profit from my business in just one sale. Finally, I felt like I really was in business.

I’ve been trying to determine why I didn’t feel like celebrating this year, and I suppose that must have something to do with the recent changes taking place all around me. First, we just moved and the house is still in chaos. Second, hubby’s back in Singapore again after just a week of vacation, which was mostly spent on moving. Third, because of our recent move, I’m facing a lot of adjustments are still to be made. Lastly, our savings are gone and we also incurred debts because of the recent renovation. That being said, however, the money I recently earned makes it such a big help!

However, because I am being given another year to live and be with my loved ones, that in itself is already enough reason to celebrate, not to mention that I have some money to spare now to treat the persons closest to me. My girls and I went to Shakey’s then for dinner and invited my in-laws, who are now our neighbors once again, to join us.

We enjoyed the food, including the cake they brought, Black Forest, which is one of my all-time favorites. I just wish I had more energy and wasn’t thinking about a lot of things! Thankfully, my girls were very bubbly that I didn’t have to contribute a lot to the conversation.

Well, this has been another special day, indeed, and I shall continue to count my blessings and try to be a better person each day.

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