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My quest to getting fit again

My desire to put on my trainers, get out of the house as soon as my daughters are picked up by their school bus, and start jogging or brisk walking is becoming stronger each day. I know I need exercise – my bulging thighs tell me so and the fact that I perspire a lot more these days whenever I go up a flight of unmoving escalators at the malls.

I went through a holistic fat loss program about two years ago, and it was very effective. Imagine developing lean muscles, when all you have to do is exercise for at least 15-30 minutes each day, learn portion control (TRA diet), and take effective and safe food supplements. I only did it for a month, and the effect was priceless, not to mention it lasted for a couple of years without real exercise (and proper diet) on most days! The layers of visceral fats (a.k.a. killer fats) inside me went down, my body age went down, my metabolism went up, my skin glowed, not to mention I never looked haggard while I was on the program (unlike with other so-called diet programs) and my children also learned about healthy eating as that is part of the requirements for the program to be effective.

My youngest daughter enjoying some crispy kangkong at Cabalen.

Talk about healthy eating! My youngest daughter enjoying some crispy kangkong at Cabalen.

It really worked for me and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has serious health issues, does not want to exercise or too busy to exercise. However, now that I am starting to gain weight again and I don’t have the budget yet to go on a full-blown three-month program, plus I’m really longing to lift some weights and run again, I know I just have to hit the gym. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I get to undergo the TR90 program – the more advanced, more effective version of Pharmanex’s TRA. My workout would definitely be doubly effective if I do it simultaneously with the TR90 program. (I shall discuss it in a separate post – it’s simply amazing!)

I’ve been trying to convince my husband to buy me a treadmill in order for me to continue exercising even if the weather’s bad, so I could exercise any time of the day, and so on. But he wouldn’t–or at least not yet–and told me instead to get on a fitness program at some city gym. (Yeah, he has requirements and one of them is good crowd that’s supposed to be found in city gyms only.) Sounds good to me, except such gyms like Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, and Slimmers World are 40-60 minutes away from our place. That’s already a big chunk of time wasted on commute! (He’s the one paying for the expenses though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.)

Yesterday, I’ve started looking for gyms in the village and looked up reviews on those big gyms. So far, I’ve been offered a huge discount at Slimmers World, but I don’t think I should take the offer. This is mostly because the agent didn’t sound very friendly or helpful. She really didn’t tell me much about their programs or facilities. I think she was trying to determine whether I was serious to enroll, depending on my the ability to pay, as we discussed payment terms most of the time we were talking. That is such a turn off, really! Their branch at Festival Mall is the most accessible one though, and according to the online research I made, they indeed have the cheapest programs among the three biggest city gyms.

I also received an offer from Fitness First Platinum at West Gate, and this time, the agent I spoke with seemed very friendly and eager to have me. Aside from the one day free trial I had already signed up for online, he’s giving me another one! He wouldn’t discuss how much their programs would cost me and the payment terms – he was simply bent on having me come over to try and see their facilities, painting a nice picture in my head on what to expect at their gym.

I guess what I liked best about the things he said was that they don’t always give their patrons what they want, or at least, not right away. They make sure that they check the health condition of their clients first and suggest a program that would suit the needs of the clients health-wise; the wants are only secondary. He inquired about my health condition, and I told him about the peripheral neuropathy I acquired a few years ago, which tends to recur whenever I get too stressed or exhausted. He assured me that they have doctors, nurses, and therapists who are always ready to assist.

He also mentioned that Fitness First provides free use of gym clothes and towels, and he assured me that they are clean – again, the mention of medical practitioners who would attest that they are clean or they themselves would not use them. Interesting, if you ask me, helpful even, if you suddenly have the urge to go to the gym and burn some calories after you finished a huge meal at the mall. However, for some reason, that sounded like wearing something from an ukay-ukay store, except you no longer have to do the washing because the clothes have already been washed and sanitized… And I’m not really fond of wearing clothes from ukay-ukay, especially after my eldest brother considered buying a leather jacket from an ukay store in Baguio, but he noticed a bullet hole in it complete with blood stain. Now, why the heck did I associate the two?

Anyway, since the agent won’t disclose any information regarding the costs of their programs, I looked up some info online and found out that they’re actually the most expensive gym in the metro according to a blog I visited (http://thefitpinoy.com/fitness-first-philippines-make-sure-you-read-this-before-you-join). I wonder if it would be worth it… Then again, hubby will be the one to pay for it, I just have to be diligent in going to the gym once I enrolled.

The last one I checked out was Gold’s Gym. I learned that they could also offer huge discounts, depending on your ability to haggle, and this is rather common to the other two city gyms, by the way. They also have nice facilities, some even have swimming pools, and they’re programs are a little less expensive than Fitness First. I didn’t bother to call the gym, however, since it’s rather unlikely that I would go there because it’s the farthest among the three from our place, making it the least accessible too. I pre-signed up though for their 60% off promo online at MetroDeal. Now, that’s a huge discount, and I just might change my mind if I get to avail the discount soon. I have this impression, however, that most of Gold Gym’s patrons are male, a thought that I am not comfortable (with).

Well, it’s past 9 AM now, and I really have to go and take a solid step on getting back in shape. Since the sun is hiding and it probably won’t rain after a couple of hours, I still have time to walk. And, maybe see what Fitness First really has to offer.

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