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Valentine’s Day for OFW families


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Every year, since my husband went to work abroad, I have been coming up with ways to celebrate it “creatively”. Perhaps it’s not such a big deal to some families or some individuals, but we do try to make the day a little bit more special. Or, at least, I do. After all, it’s love that we are celebrating on Valentine’s Day, and I want my daughters to grow up regarding it more as a family affair than a day for lovers.

So far, these are the elements that are always present when we’re celebrating the V-day:

1. Valentine’s Day card. I supply the materials and then let my kids’ creativity flow as they make the best Valentine’s Day card.

2. Cake. We just got to have something sweet, and usually, that would be a cake. It doesn’t matter if it’s store-bought or homemade. I think we’ve already tried all the flavors available at Red Ribbon, but when it’s homemade, it’s usually cheesecake or brownies because those are the ones I am much capable of making.

3. Movies. If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, my girls and I would go to the mall and watch a movie. As we do that, my husband would also watch the same movie at the same time at a mall in Singapore. We would talk on the phone, of course, before and after going to the theater.

4. Video call. Yup, this is very important to our relationship, being miles away from each other. For hours, we would talk via Facetime or Skype, although we also do that even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Video call with hubby

Morning talks with hubby before he goes to work

However, as a married couple in a long distance relationship, celebrating Valentine’s Day is more challenging, at least for me. My husband would send me Valentine’s gifts from Singapore though most of the time, it’s money deposited to my bank account with instructions on what to buy as if he’s the one actually buying the gift for me. LOL. Anyway, here are some things that I’m planning to do for him, one at a time.

1. Send hubby flowers online. He always bought me flowers before, I bet he would appreciate receiving some, too. Plus, I can’t wait to see his reaction when he gets them, even if it’s only via Facetime or Skype!

2. Purchase an album or a song he especially likes from iTunes. With family sharing now available, he should get it without a cinch.

3. Gift him a book that he’s been planning to read via Kindle Amazon, only it would be in e-book format.

4. Send hubby a personalized card via snail mail, or FedEx rather. (Because it could take weeks, probably even months, before it gets to him via post office.)

5. Visit him! Oh, yes, that would surprise him alright. I just have to be very thorough with my plan and make sure I enlist my relatives as temporary caregivers to my daughters.

Do you have any ideas? Please share. Thanks 🙂

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