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It’s the end of the month and I feel like it should also be the end of everything that doesn’t work for me. I am to make some positive changes, start making things happen, instead of just reacting to the things happening around me, even following orders or suggestions from others.

Like many women, when I feel that change is needed, I start with my appearance. I’ve decided to go to the mall this afternoon after taking care of a few errands. I’ve always been drawn to this very comfy-looking nail spa where certified nailaholics must while away their free afternoons, so I went inside and got a reservation.  Wouldn’t you know it, I thought reservations are only common to restaurants!

I’ve always known what I wanted, since I would always peruse this quaint nail spa’s list of services whenever I would pass by their shop. So when I was asked, I immediately ordered for that long overdue hand paraffin spa, which was supposed to be part of the therapy treatment for my hands. Of course, I also threw in some pedicure, with some fancy brand for nail polish coupled with mini foot massage. Having a pedicure at a salon at least once a month is probably the only way I pamper myself, and this time, I sort of splurged.

Since I have already spent more than what I normally would at the salons I frequent in our village, plus I was scheduled to discuss a few things with my daughters’ school officer-in-charge, I decided to leave and just had my hair trimmed where I usually have it done. However, since it was raining hard, I decided to go back and have my hair done at one of the salons inside the mall, which cost me 150% of the amount I normally pay.

On my way out, I found this stall that sells hair and skin care products that uses only natural and organic ingredients. I decided to buy one of the shampoos for my daughters, especially that my eldest is always dealing with dandruff whereas my younger one has very sensitive skin.

I know I shouldn’t have spent so much on myself today. But for once, I really feel like I needed to. I haven’t been buying new clothes or shoes or any other material things that I used to enjoy, not even my favorite dark chocolates! Whenever I have extra money, I normally buy books for my children or eat out with them. Yes, eat out–not having to worry about what to cook and having to wash the dishes after dinner is always a treat!

I wish I could also get a massage and some facial. For now, I’ll be content with what I’ve got. After all, I still have so many things to take care of, particularly utility bills. I think I’ll take a permanent, but still part-time, job so I could start being financially independent from my husband when it comes to personal spending, at least.

I hope that with the little changes I have made to my appearance, the positive changes I have been looking forward to in life would also follow.

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