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A full house and a whole range of generation gap


There are 15 kids in our house right now and only two of them are mine. My tweener asked if she and her classmates could come over and practice their dance presentation for Wednesday’s school activity, since they’re not allowed to overstay at school. She initially said there were only seven of them, so my husband and I agreed. Lo and behold, a van brought them here and one by one, came all thirteen of them!

Good thing I have ordered two party-size pan pizzas and the pizza company gave us two buckets of mojos instead of only one. For once, their mistake became favorable. The kids arrived a little after 12 noon, famished. I expected them to devour everything, but I was in for a surprise when some of the girls said they did not want to eat much because they might get fat(ter).

I mean, really? They’re just 11 or 12 years old and they’re worried about their figure? I was already 22 when I started paying attention to my weight and it was only because our company’s summer outing was to be held in Boracay! Anyway, I’m not their mom, so I just encouraged them to EAT; there’s enough food for everyone after all. Good thing the topic died, or I would have started a lecture on proper diet.

I also realized that kids these days are really quite different from my time. I mean, sure, there are still those who are very assertive while there are some who are painfully shy. I have noticed that only two of them (both boys) greeted me as I held the gate open for them to come through. When an hour had passed and they still continued to play and I asked them if they had accomplished anything, one answered, Wala pa po, nagme-merienda pa po kasi kami. Hmmm, that’s not quite the response I was expecting, plus I didn’t know we have that much food left?

Some of the girls were lying on the couches while there were papers strewn all over the floor; I had to tell them to pick them up. This reminded me of my friends who were very much at home at my place. Our house was also a favorite place to hang out among my peers when I was a student, especially when I was in elementary and college. However, whenever my mother or older brother(s) would enter the room, they would immediately sit up straight even if they’re already familiar with one another, joking and exchanging funny stories. I couldn’t help wondering why they have to be so different.

Those who brought their tablets and smartphones with them (mostly girls) seemed to keep taking photos and posting them on Facebook or Instagram. Good thing my daughter had some sense to confiscate her classmates’ gadgets and kept pestering them to start practicing. When they finally started practicing, however, I was horrified to see some of the girls standing on our chairs dancing as if they’re on a bar ledge or something.

I told my husband that I don’t think I’ll let them use the house again as a venue for their performance practices. He countered, however, that it’s much better that way instead of having our daughter go to one of these kids’ house. I suppose there’s wisdom in that, but I’ll have to be more strict next time. Time’s running out and they still haven’t really accomplished anything yet. The house is starting to look like a mess, and I just heard someone calling out again, “Picture”!

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