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These past few days, I keep thinking about one thing: travel. I’d like to get on a plane, go somewhere nice and peaceful, and just wander for a few days. I feel like this is the jumpstart that I need to be productive again. The past few weeks (and months) had been very stressful and I could use a change in scenery. Although I’ve been writing a lot, wandering with my feet and not just with my mind is just different and I do not want to pass up the opportunity.

Marina Bay Sands at night

Marina Bay Sands at night. October 2014

I’ve been thinking of going to Singapore again because I have not fully explored the country yet. Besides, it’s just a few hours away, PAL is having a sale until tomorrow, I won’t have to worry where to stay, plus I can explore the country by myself since my husband and friends would be at work. Perfect, right?

So what’s keeping me from leaving? My kids and finances, I suppose. I don’t really want to leave my girls behind, especially on a school week. Although this coming week might be a good time, since summative quizzes are over, and I’m sure they’d understand. After all, they’ve seen the stress I’ve been in the past few weeks and I need the break to be able to minister to them more effectively. (I know, nice try!)

Sunset at Sentosa Island. September 2013

Sunset at Sentosa Island. September 2013

On the other hand, finances is another concern because I’d like to s-a-v-e. Besides, our whole family’s already set to travel in 4-5 countries in Asia–we already have plane tickets and accommodations waiting for us–sometime this year. But, of course, that’s with the family. I’d like to do something alone or with my sister before she goes back to the US next month. USA! I am set to visit this huge country in two years by God’s grace. I am thinking, however, of making the trip sooner if I get a visa soon, only I have not applied for one yet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 09.44.26

Looking forward to backpacking in these countries (except China)!

Okay, maybe I’ll visit some local place first. Palawan? Bohol? Davao? Or, maybe revisit Ilocos and Aklan, including Boracay? The list goes on, but one thing’s for sure: I’d like to be someplace that’s beautiful where I can get lost and get fully recharged at the same time. I think my husband’s beginning to change his mind and will soon allow me to go… Wish me luck!

How about you? Have you ever felt that strong desire to travel and did you act on it? Where did you go? How was the experience? 🙂

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