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“In the presence of my enemies”

I have mentioned in my previous post, Who and Why, that we are dealing with some vexatious individuals, who are related to each other and have been harassing us in various ways. Today, I finally received the subpoena for the first of the string of criminal and civil cases that I have filed against them.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that finally, there is now a schedule for the preliminary hearing at the City Prosecution Office for the first case(s) that I have filed. To me, that means justice is on its way. I can’t wait to see these people behind bars, who are also rumored to be members of a drug syndicate and are apparently notorious for their ill manners and violent nature.

They may have instilled fear in us at one point in time, especially among my children, but shall do everything (legal) to make them own up to all their crimes against my family and me. One of their victims and a witness to their evil deeds, my father, died recently. And so all the more that I pray for vindication.

I am thankful that the LORD continues to protect my family in so many ways. They are not able to harm us physically, although I have a feeling that one of these days, they would try to do so again as they continue to employ various forms of intimidation. They can continue to try, but I have a big God and I shall continue to sleep soundly at night and walk with head held high even if they surround me. (I wonder if they could sleep at all?)

Psalm 23 definitely resonates what I am going through right now. For a woman who lives away from her husband, raising two girls without a helper, yet does not lack in anything and is able to do so many things by God’s grace, I suppose I either appear very powerful or an easy target to them. I may not understand why God allowed me to be in this nightmarish situation, but I’d like to believe that there is a purpose for it, plus I am learning a lot of things.

I hope that they start repenting soon and commit to do things right. I hope the charges they are now facing would humble them and teach them a lesson. I hope once they’re behind bars, their parents would realize what a failure they are and start asking for forgiveness. I hope they would try their best to live better lives, in case they do get out of jail. I hope they come to know Jesus as LORD.

On the other hand, if they choose to continue their evil ways, then they must know that I have a God who loves my family and me dearly, and He will fight for us. He will deliver us, He will avenge us. He is our Protector and He shall always be.

Sometimes I feel that it may no longer be necessary at all for me to file charges against them as I am sure that the LORD will do something that would make them wish they never did anything evil to anyone, especially to my family and me. However, it would not be good to just sit back and let people do bad things when one has the power to do something about it. In this case, there were days when they seem to keep to themselves and avoid being seen and heard. I suppose that’s good enough for now, as long as they behave well.

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