Month: September 2015

Lessons from “Twilight”

Turning the pages of this bulky novel has rekindled my passion for reading. It’s been a while since I last sat down and did nothing but read… there are two lines from the movie that would always stay with me: “Remember who you are” and “You must feed first”. I think everyone who has read the novels and seen the movie counterparts should remember these, too. The story presents many moral values, especially for the modern-day teens, but these are the ones that I could relate to the most at this stage of my life. Somehow, these lines simply stood out above the rest.

The new #AlDub convert

There are very few programs that I like to watch on TV, yet that doesn’t mean that I do watch them regularly. Most of them are about cooking, practical science, interior design, the seasonal Asia’s Next Top Model and American Idol, as well as movies, occasionally. The only program that I really cared to watch on a daily basis was FRIENDS–and that was last year–when Warner TV Channel played the reruns. I even went as far as subscribe to a certain website just to be able to watch the episodes I missed when I went to Singapore for a short vacation. Lately, however, I’ve been hearing about this AlDub craze that the whole Filipino nation seems to be cheering about. I have long since stopped watching Philippine variety shows, you see, let alone Eat Bulaga! Even my mother-in-law has mentioned Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora several times, and much to my surprise, my eldest child is familiar with these characters, too. I have seen the hashtag #AlDub trending on Twitter and there were some Facebook …