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The new #AlDub convert

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#AlDub, i.e., Alden Richards and Yaya Dub, from the Philippine daytime variety show “Eat Bulaga!”

There are very few programs that I like to watch on TV, yet that doesn’t mean that I do watch them regularly. Most of them are about cooking, practical science, interior design, the seasonal Asia’s Next Top Model and American Idol, as well as movies, occasionally. The only program that I really cared to watch on a daily basis was FRIENDS–and that was last year–when Warner TV Channel played the reruns. I even went as far as subscribe to a certain website just to be able to watch the episodes I missed when I went to Singapore for a short vacation.

Lately, however, I’ve been hearing about this AlDub craze that the whole Filipino nation seems to be cheering about. I have long since stopped watching Philippine variety shows, you see, let alone Eat Bulaga! Even my mother-in-law has mentioned Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora several times, and much to my surprise, my eldest child is familiar with these characters, too. I have seen the hashtag #AlDub trending on Twitter and there were some Facebook friends who would post about it, too. One of my nieces was particularly crazy about it and her constant tweeting about the program was enough to pique my curiosity. Finally, I decided to watch it on TV today. My verdict?…

How the AlDub Nation responds to the couple Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza was amazing! The impact AlDub has on their followers, both on live TV and social media, is palpable. Whenever Yaya Dub would put on an exaggerated facial expression and use equally exaggerated gestures as she dubs, the audience would shake with laughter. Whenever the young lovers are seen looking at each other and make their trademark pa-bebe wave, the audience would giggle and wave with them. When they couldn’t seem to find each other, the audience tried to assist them by pointing directions.

Lastly, when AlDub, especially Alden, started crying out of emotional pain because Lola Nidora, Yaya Dub’s grandmother/benefactor (played by Wally Bayola), interfered and kept them from being together,  the audience showed (deep) sympathy–some were even caught on camera wiping their tears away. Apparently, Alden and Yaya Dub couldn’t contain their excitement when they finally saw each other in person for the first time (they only used to see each other onscreen) and immediately ran to each other, only to have a wooden board dropped between them to keep them from having any physical contact.

It’s interesting to note, however, that Lola Nidora wasn’t just there as an annoying antagonist. She certainly has some wisdom to impart, and I think this is what draws the parents and mature viewers to this Kalyeserye. I’d say Lola Nidora nailed it when she explained for all the youth in the audience to hear why she was disappointed with AlDub, how her interfering was for a good cause. She elaborated on the importance of keeping one’s promise, obedience, especially to the elders who only wanted the best for them, and waiting for the right time to be with the person one loves instead of acting on impulse or feelings (or lust). 

On social media, particularly Twitter, the fans immortalized AlDub’s lines by tweeting them. Their thoughts and feelings were verbalized in tweets, which were retweeted several times by the other fans, encouraging one another as well as Alden and Yaya Dub. I, myself, was surprised to see my own tweet being retweeted and favorited a number of times, and there were even some who tweeted me back. I suppose the AlDub nation has just welcomed me then, and I couldn’t help but feel touched by their simple gesture.

Getting tweets and retweets from #AlDub fans :)

Getting tweets and retweets from #AlDub fans 🙂

I decided to look up both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s Twitter accounts to get to know them a little bit more. Judging from their tweets, they both seem down-to-earth, well-mannered,  and friendly. I’m particularly  impressed though that Alden tweets about his faith and posts positive messages to encourage his followers. We need more men like him, especially in show business, who publicly professes his faith in Jesus.

As for Maine, I think I understand now why people from all walks of life seem to be drawn to her. I did not just look up her Twitter account, but also her blog and some news items about her, including her YouTube videos. As Jessica Soho puts it, “She’s well-educated and came from a buena familia”. She’s also very talented; apparently, she can play the drums, act, sing, and write among others, and she seems to get a kick out of looking silly, creating all those DubSmash videos and posting them online for everyone to see. Really, a well-educated, talented, rich, beautiful, good-natured, sweet, young woman doing all those crazy stuff? Who wouldn’t be drawn to her? (And it makes me wonder whether Alden’s tears were real, that he actually has feelings for Maine.)

So, will I watch the continuation of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye #AlDub? Sure. After all, Alden and Yaya Dub’s story is not just entertaining, but also promotes good Filipino values. I’m a sucker for rom-com, did I not tell you? Not to mention I’m also a parent, so I’m in support of G-rated programs promoting good values. So, yes, I shall even look up their past episodes on YouTube for my daily dose of laughter, and maybe some of their other videos or shows too. ❤

Care to share your thoughts on this? :)

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