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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 1: The one where I decided to do blogging for good

It’s the first day of my favorite month and it’s a Sunday! Meaning, I couldn’t just let the day pass by without writing anything, even if the entry’s as short and simple as this one. On the other hand, this also signifies my desire to take up blogging seriously…

reading blogs, especially by people I know, including Maine Mendoza’s latest “The Sunday Currently” blog post. It’s actually where I got this idea to follow the same pattern for a blog post and join The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton! Thanks so much, Maine (a.k.a. Yaya Dub); you inspire me! I have to add praying though at the end of this list.

writing itineraries for my upcoming birthday/weekend getaway with my husband in Singapore, and my to-do list for this week.

listening to the sounds of both the AC and the wall electric fan in my daughters’ bedroom being drowned in the dogs’ barking.

thinking of starting a challenge for myself to complete and publicizing it to keep me motivated. I could actually use any of the following: get done with my general house cleaning in three days, weed the backyard in a day, exercise and eat nothing but healthy foods in 21 days, blog everyday, etc.

smelling almost nothing because of colds.

wishing to be more creative and that I were skilled in web design, so I could improve the appearance of this site. Wishing also that I’d finally get the time to read all the books I have purchased over the past few months.

hoping I can be more productive this week than the last few weeks, finish all the tasks in my to-do list/calendar, and read a book.

wearing a pair of cotton shorts that’s almost threadbare because I’ve had it for about a decade now plus a loose knitted olive green and white-striped sleeveless blouse, which was a pasalubong from my late mother when she last went to Baguio.

loving my family, friends from Saddleback Church South Manila, and pets, especially our Boston terrier puppy and bunny. Last night, after coming home from #Blocktober, we found our 6-month old lion head male rabbit Jax dead inside its crate. Good thing his partner Jill is still alive and seems healthy.

wanting to write and write, and watch all the AlDub episodes I missed – something that’s rather impossible to do simultaneously. I realized that if you really want to enjoy the AlDub Kalyeserye, you gotta stay glued to your computer or TV screen or risk missing the words Alden and Maine write to each other on white paper all the time, which are only briefly shown on screen. Of course, it also doesn’t make sense missing their facial expressions and wacky gestures, especially Maine’s.

needing to sleep, but couldn’t sleep; needing to clean each corner of the house, but gets tired just looking at the mess in nearly every area in the house; needing to be more disciplined in managing my/our family’s resources.

feeling thankful for every blessing that we have now, for God’s protection and provisions and for my family  per se.

clicking more than a dozen of open tabs both on Safari and Google Chrome. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having only 1–3 tabs open.

praying that my family and I will always be in good health and that each of us would grow closer to God each day and be a channel of His blessings to every person we meet. And yes, that Alden and Maine would get to know God in a very intimate way before they grow intimate with each other. (Not your typical fan’s wish or prayer, huh?) ❤

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