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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 2: The one during my birthday week

I recently received a birthday greeting card from my church family at CCF-Alabang, signed by no less than Pator Joby Soriano himself. I suppose every member/attendee receives such on his/her birthday. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to receive one, especially to read the same Bible verse (Numbers 6:24–26) printed on its front, the same one I send to my dear friends when they celebrate their birthdays. Well, now it’s my turn!

I’ve never felt this excited as when I was a child anticipating my birthday. However, now that I’m a grown-up and have many responsibilities, there are, of course, things that also hold me back from being that excited. Things that keep my feet on the ground, reminding me of reality, such as the following:

reading articles online on anger and forgiveness at (Because I want to be free of negative emotions as I start another year here on earth.)

writing things to bring for my upcoming birthday/weekend getaway with hubby.

listening to the playlist on Again, I’m a fan of AlDub, though honestly, I think Alden could still use more voice lessons. 😉

thinking of how fast time flies; I’ll be 38 in a few days! I’m very excited about having another weekend getaway with my husband. However, I’m also worried about leaving my girls behind, especially that our enemies are still running loose. Not to mention the possibility of encountering, even getting victimized by, the laglag bala gang in NAIA. Please, LORD, no! I am claiming that birthday greeting now–Numbers 6:24–26. 🙂

smelling adobo! I’ve been missing this Filipino dish, and I shall make some tomorrow.

wishing I have a closetful of clothes that are practical yet fashionable and comfortable. Having to choose only a few pieces to fit in my sports bag is getting frustrating!

hoping I can finish all my tasks before I leave.

wearing my favorite navy blue shorts and maroon shirt. They’re soft and comfortable!

loving the fact that I was able to tithe and now getting less worried about our finances. I just know that God is in control!

wanting to have magical powers right now, or at least a helper, who could do all the house chores for me. I feel like that’s the last thing I should worry about now, don’t you agree?

needing to work double-time 😦 I still have so many things to do and I can’t be distracted anymore (by AlDub or Twitter) for more than an hour in a day. Remind me to set an email auto-reply too, by the way.

feeling thankful for every blessing that God has been giving me–a faithful and hard-working husband, great kids, supportive in-laws, caring sibs and friends. I’m also thankful for the provisions, protection, good health, the house that we have and other material things, and yes, a church that I could always go back to, belong to.

clicking my Parker jotter, which has started to exasperate me. Really, Parker? I just bought a refill the other week and now it’s almost out of ink again? The notes I’ve written would not even fill a legal size bond paper!

praying for the safety of my children and in-laws, as well as our pets, plants, and the house itself as I go away for a few days. Praying also for a nice weather and hassle-free travel the whole duration of my trip, beginning at the airport. No laglag bala, please! And yes, praying for (more) provisions and every thing nice, including good health. ❤

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