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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 3: The one where I was homebound from Singapore

19:30, 15 November 2015

Once more, I was given the opportunity to write while onboard an Airbus, flying miles off the ground. I’m not sure exactly where we are now, but I’m guessing that we’re already nearing, if not have already entered, the Philippines. I got some privacy, since the man seated to my right transferred to another seat, while the woman seated to my left is asleep. There’s some turbulence due to air pockets, but it’s nothing quite like what I experienced when I first traveled alone to Singapore (back and forth) a few years ago – that was simply the worst! Other than that, it’s been a pleasant flight so far, and we’re expected to travel in just 3 hours and 7 minutes – would you believe that? That is, according to the pilot (instead of the usual 3 hours and 30–45 minutes).

reading Tiger Tales Asia (Nov–Dec 2015). I didn’t know that such magazines contain a lot of interesting information! I didn’t really pay attention to magazines onboard before; I would normally bring a book to read or read from the Kindle app on my mobile device.

writing this entry while onboard flight TR2726 from Singapore to Manila. Well, you already know that!

listening to all sorts of noise all around me – a gurgling baby, adults snoring, voices of women chatting, a recording of some Indian music, and a buzzing sound that won’t go away, which must be from one of the parts of the aircraft.

thinking about a lot of things: 1) my recently concluded vacation. It wasn’t everything I had hoped for or planned, but it was still nice and I am grateful for it;

2) the recent tragedy that took place in Paris and other cities all over the world. It was on our first morning at the hotel and we were having breakfast when I saw the news on TV. The volume was off, but the subtitle on the screen and the scenes being shown were enough to tell me what happened, and frankly, I was shocked. Paris is such an open city, a place associated with love, where everyone seems to be welcome… So, why, why, why?

3) how the cab driver was able to guess that my husband and I were Filipinos traveling back to Manila. Was it because we do look like Filipinos, or because our luggage was wrapped in a packing tape? By the way, the man knew everything that was happening in our country, including the background of the presidential candidates for the upcoming 2016 election. He said it’s because he has neighbor for 17 years now, who happens to be a Filipino.

smelling the mutton biryani I just ate, mixed with the fragrance of my hand gel sanitizer.

wishing my family and I have all the time and money we need to travel the world!

hoping for a more enjoyable travel experience on our upcoming family vacation, and that the time I had spent away from my children the past few days had brought them closer to each other.

wearing my generic black leggings and the black and white long-sleeved cotton (H&M) shirt with ethnic design my mother-in-law gave me a couple of months ago – it’s my first time to wear it and she seemed pleased when she saw me wearing it as we talked via Facetime earlier.

loving the fact that I have been blessed and privileged to travel and get some relaxation with my husband abroad, even if it’s only for a couple of days. I am thankful for the money that I had inherited from my parents, which I have used (and my husband had promised to replace) for this particular trip. I hope that I would always prove worthy of it; be able to invest and save some of it.

wanting to bring my daughters to Singapore and stay there with my husband.

needing to do some serious planning about my family’s future and needing God more than ever to guide my family and me.

feeling nostalgic. I already miss my husband!

clicking on my laptop’s keyboard! (What else would I be clicking?)

praying for safety all throughout the flight and even after we’ve landed in Manila and all the way home. And yes, no (more) laglag bala nightmare for any of us passengers. Praying also for my husband, that he would get his much needed rest, since he still has to do the laundry and iron clothes when he gets back to his condo. And yes, safety for all the flight crew of this plane and everyone working in the same industry, especially my nephew’s fiancee Biel, who happens to be in Paris. ❤

P.S. Photo(s) to follow

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