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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 4: The one that’s a week after my birthday

reading Wonderstruck by Christian author Margaret Feinberg. I’ve been meaning to read this book, but because it wasn’t free on Amazon Kindle, it took a while before I finally had the chance to do so. I had to wait for months for its price to go down!

It makes me want to finish reading it in one sitting, but I couldn’t. I had to put it down several times to reflect on what she’s saying in her book. For example, when I came across this page saying, “If God spoke creation into existence, should we be surprised when creation speaks back to us about God?” That single line reminded me of all the beautiful places I’ve been to, how wonderstruck I was each time I watched the changing colors of the sky as the sun set, etc.

I’m not done reading it yet, but I promise you I will in no time. And, if you’re feeling down, lethargic, or restless, I urge you to get a copy of this book and read it!

writing responses to tweets and messages I’ve been receiving at various social media sites. Interestingly, I have not checked my email messages for days now, but I must have tweeted the most numerous times this week than I ever did since I started my Twitter account in 2009. Really, I’m getting more comfortable exchanging messages on Twitter, even with people I barely know, if not total strangers.

listening to Ed Sheeran’s songs online. It seems that I’m the only one who isn’t familiar with his songs, particularly “Thinking Out Loud”. My 12-year old daughter even drew a sketch of this famous British singer last night and that’s the first time I found out how he looks like. Ugh! Does that mean I’m so old now?

thinking about how things have changed for us since my husband became an OFW (overseas Filipino worker). Sometimes I wonder if we would still be married today if he had stayed. Would we fight more often and decide to split up? Would we also argue over money or just easily get tired of one another? I hope not, though I’m sure about one thing: the distance makes us value each other more, making us look forward to next time we’d be seeing each other.

smelling the different perfume brands my husband has gifted me. Unfortunately, I do not like the last one he gave me as much as I did the others, and I’m not really sure how to tell him about it. Should I even mention it? He once asked me if I liked it, and well, I lied.

wishing that more OFW families will get to celebrate Christmas together at home.

hoping for a very productive week starting tomorrow, Monday.

wearing my very comfortable old purple shorts and a printed v-neck blouse, which was supposed to be a gift for one of my friends. I changed my mind about giving it to her, however, and kept it for myself instead, choosing to give my friend a different present that I thought she would like better. Does that make me mean?

loving my husband for wanting to be and being a good provider for our family. Of course, that’s just one of the qualities I love about him!

wanting to be more loving, caring, compassionate, and generous, particularly as a mother. There are times when I am aware that I am holding back for reasons that I, myself, do not understand either. I’d like to get closer to my children, especially to my eldest child, but I’m not always sure how to do it. It’s like the discipline I have been trying to enforce is doing nothing but build a wall between us.

needing to spend more time with God’s Word. I’ve been browsing the new Reading Plans available on YouVersion Bible app. I’m thinking of writing a devotional for women, particularly wives to OFWs. However, I don’t feel ready yet to embark on this new project.

feeling a little down because I wasn’t able to accomplish all the tasks I had set out to do this past week.

praying for the spiritual growth of the Christian leaders I know, including fellow volunteers and friends; for my brothers and their family members as well as Alden and Maine and all their fans to know Jesus as their LORD and Savior.

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