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TAG Media & Public Relations to slate Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016

[Sponsored Post] Reaching target markets and converting them into clients is the primary role of digital marketing. It is not only very effective in allowing people to collaborate and communicate through social media networks, but also costs the organization virtually nothing. TAG Media and Public Relations recognizes this, and are spearheading the next e-commerce conference, Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016, on 27 May 2016 at the SMX Aura in BGC, Taguig City.

THE CONFERENCE. Once again, the guest speakers are leaders from different industries, who are in pursuit of creating a huge positive impact in the ASEAN region. They will be providing insights and discuss various cases that could help improve an organization or individual’s products and services. Among these top-ranked speakers are the following:

  • Janette Toral – Founder, Digital Filipino Club, Author, and dubbed as the e-Commerce Guru of the Philippines
  • Kristian Melquiades – Country Manager, Viber
  • Thierry Tea – Managing Director, Philjets Group
  • Lars Jeppessen – Managing Director, Tech One Global
  • Mannix Pabalan – Founder, Hashtag Digital
  • Spanky Enriquez – TV Host and Writer, Philippine Star
  • Quintin Pastrana – TV Host, Bloomberg

Senior business people, high-ranking government officials, and journalists will greatly benefit from this event. The topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Digital marketing landscape in Asia
  • Digital marketing in different industries
  • How to measure social media success
  • What is Search Engine Optimization & why it’s important
  • How to optimize the digital customer experience in South East Asia
  • Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society
  • How to measure and report an ROI and channel effectiveness
  • The role of mobile and how to leverage it
  • Paid search and social advertising
  • Why engage with bloggers

THE EXHIBITS. One thousand visitors are expected to attend the Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016, and 30 exhibitors will be chosen from various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, tourism, hospitality, business process outsourcing (BPO), academe, health, information technology (IT), as well as food and service to showcase their products and services.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the exhibition floor. A free stamp card will be provided to the participants, which they will present to the exhibitors in exchange for freebies or discounts once their cards have been filled with stamps.

For more information about the event, for partnership or sponsorship, please call/text 09166299381, email at grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph, or visit http://www.asiadigitalmarketing.ph.

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