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5 Reasons to Visit Wonder Photo Shop

[Sponsored Post] Following the success of its first shop at UP Town Center, Wonder Photo Shop of Tokyo, Japan recently opened its second branch in the Philippines. Located at Solenad 3 in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, residents of South Manila will now also get to enjoy the products and services that they are famous for. Whether you like taking photographs, having your photos taken, or both, Wonder Photo Shop has your best interests at heart. And if you have not visited any Wonder Photo Shop before, here are five reasons you should do so soon:

1. You can take your selfies (with your family and friends) like a pro at their Pro Selfie Studio. A first in the country, Wonder Photo Shop is introducing the Pro Selfie Studio, where you can take your own (group) selfies and have them come out like they were taken by a professional photographer. They use the green screen technology that allows you to choose a background, plus they provide costumes, especially for kids, and accessories that make the experience more fun. Moreover, at the Pro Selfie Studio, instead of a selfie stick that many of us are used to when taking (group) selfies, you would be given a remote control for taking photos, plus see yourself in a large screen as you pose, and then have your pictures printed right away. How cool is that?


Trying out the Pro Selfie Studio (the large screen has not been installed yet at the time these photos were taken though)

2. You can easily print your favorite photos with FujiFilm Wonder Print Station. Got lots of pictures stored in your mobile phones and flash disks that you would like to see by your bedside table or office table instead? Don’t worry, Wonder Photo Shop will also take care of them for you. Printing them with the aid of FujiFilm Wonder Print Station is a cinch that you could easily do it yourself. The Wonder Print Station allows you to put your favorite photos in a collage and add background colors, frames, or stickers to them. Just plug in your device to the machine or download the FujiFilm WPS Photo Transfer app onto your Apple or Android device. And, while you wait for your prints to come out, there are games installed in the same wonder machine that could keep you company.


L: With Takuya Maeda, Division Head for Photo Imaging, FujiFilm Philippines; R: me, trying out the FujiFilm Wonder Print Station, printing photos from our recent trip to Vientiane

3. You can have your travel photos organized and printed in photo books without a fuss. Do you love traveling but do not have the time to organize your travel photos (like me)? Then, photo books would be perfect for you! Wonder Photo Shop offers them in different sizes, designs, and at affordable prices. Simply entrust to them your file of photos that you want printed and they will present you several layouts to choose from. Once you have agreed on the layout, your photo book is ready for printing. (Depending on their volume of work, at Wonder Photo Shop in Nuvali, printing of photo books could take up to seven days.)

By the way, photo books are also a great tool for aspiring photographers to showcase their work, and for those who would like to keep their memories in photos intact without having to keep bulky photo albums.

4. You can complete your photography paraphernalia and scrapbooking materials at their one-stop shop. Wonder Photo Shop is a haven not only for photography enthusiasts, but also for crafters or scrapbookers. Aside from a wide array of FujiFilm cameras and accessories, including Instax in different colors, sizes, and designs, they offer various stationery, photo albums, and scrapbooking materials, too. They even have a desk where you could create your scrapbook right then and there, with all the materials that you might need!


Wonder Photo Shop does not only offer printing services, but a wide array of products for both photography enthusiasts and crafters to choose from, too.

5. You can get your favorite photos framed as well as printed on various materials. Having your favorite photos framed to decorate certain areas in your house or office is always a  good idea, and Wonder Photo Shop offers the materials and services you need to do this. They would not only print your photos, but also frame them for you if you like. Simply choose from a variety of picture frames of different materials, colors, and sizes available at their shop. In addition, aside from printing your pictures on high-quality FujiFilm photo paper, they could also print them on canvas and souvenir items, such as mugs and key chains, too.

So why would you keep hundreds of photos in your mobile phones when you could easily have them printed now? Go ahead, come out and visit Wonder Photo Shop either at UP Town Center in Diliman, Quezon City or Solenad 3 in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

As travel photographer/Instagrammer Linnéa Isaksson puts it, “Every good photograph deserves to be more than a digital file”.

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