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Welcoming Anya

My family’s excited to receive the newest addition to the family as a guest in our house. A close relative gave birth earlier this morning and she accepted our invitation for her and her newborn to stay with us for 1–2 weeks. Her husband’s away, she has no helper, and not only do we have some space in the house, but so much affection and excitement for the baby, too.

As I was preparing the house to be ready for the baby’s arrival, I also looked for my husband’s childhood pictures, which he needed for a certain activity at the office. I realized that he was such a cutie when he was both a baby and a toddler that I suddenly longed to have a son, who would look exactly like him when he was that age! As much as I love my husband though, I’d say he wasn’t a looker during his pre-adolescent years, and not even just before I met him. (Yup, I’d like to take credit for whatever improvement in my husband’s appearance since he became my beau. I inspire him and I became his personal shopper, especially when he started working in Singapore, you know?)

Anyway, it’s interesting to note how a person’s physical features change as he/she matures. There are people who simply looked bigger as they grow, but there are some whose faces really transformed that you wouldn’t easily recognize them to be one and the same as the ones in their childhood and teenage photos. Like my husband. And then there are those who brought so much joy to their parents when they were young, but only brought pain and shame when they became much older.

I wonder how our young guest would look like when she gets older. I wonder what her favorite colors would be and hobbies she would have. I wonder what her personality is like. Would she always throw a tantrum or live up to the meaning of her name, which is gracious or bringing of goodness?

Whether she looks more like her mother or her father, I hope she grows up to be a wise, gracious, faithful, and kind lady. For now, I pray that she would always be healthy and feel loved.

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