A Musing Mom's Tales, The Sunday Currently
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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 7: Books, music, and more

reading Jodi Piccoult’s Lone Wolf. This book has intrigued me ever since I saw it on Book Sale. I’m glad I had a chance to go back to the same bookstore outlet earlier this week and it’s still there.

writing a mental note of all the things that I need to do this week. As usual. Later, I’ll jot them down on paper, too (i.e., if I don’t fall asleep first).

listening to the songs Madonna sang at her recent Rebel Heart Concert in Manila. Come to think of it, I used to be a huge Madonna fan. I grew up listening to her songs and knew most of them by heart. She’s a great singer, entertainer, but I made a choice to stop idolizing when I finally understood the meanings behind her songs, etc.

thinking about all the answered prayers we had this past week, including reconciliation between my parents-in-law and sister-in-law.

smelling the lasagna we had earlier at Almon Marina, Alabang Town Center. It smells heavenly despite its appalling appearance. It’s a far cry to the one we had at their Festival Mall outlet. How come they don’t seem to follow a standard?

wishing I have more time and energy each day to finish all the tasks I have set out to do. Maybe that’s a sign that I need to start taking Pharmanex’s R2 again?

hoping improve certain parts of the house. I’d like our home to be cozier and more comfortable. I want it to be a place that my daughters would always want to come home to and be proud of, a place that they would want to hang around with their friends.

wearing one of my favorite shorts, the soft plain navy blue one, and my printed v-neck blouse with wide sleeves.

loving the fact that I have new mentors, plus a new client. I can’t wait to start learning more each week, at the same time, working again!

wanting to be able to get all things I have planned for this coming week done in a snap. It would really be great to have a day all to myself, doing nothing except read a good novel or write, or munch on some popcorn while watching movies online/on cable.

needing to have the assurance that the cases we have filed would soon move to the jurisdiction of the higher court. I really have better start drafting that second followup letter now!

feeling tired but hopeful that things will soon turn out well, starting with the master’s bedroom. The more I try to declutter, the less organized it appears. lol.

clicking the TV remote control as soon as my daughters are done watching TV. It’s my turn to watch, and I kinda missed it, y’ know?

praying that no one in my family and close relatives, including myself, would ever get sick and hospitalized ever again.


Any thoughts on this? :)

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