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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 8: The one with reading as my sport

reading that is, finally finished reading Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf. I’m impressed by the amount of research she must have put into the book, particularly when it comes to the wolves, and how she used that information to weave a story, human characters, around it. It’s the first time I’ve read a novel authored by Picoult, though I have seen the movie My Sister’s Keeper several times, which was based on her novel of the same title. I wonder if all her stories involve family and court room drama… Anyway, it looks like I  have already graduated from reading John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon novels, and some of my new favorite authors/novelists now are Jodi Picoult, Amy Tan, and Tessa Afshar.

listening to the sounds of the electric fan and air conditioning. (Remind me to turn off the electric fan later.) Really, when it’s late at night, these are the only sounds I’d hear unless a dog barks or some vehicle passes by.

thinking about what I should have said to that rude Israeli that tried to sell me some Jericho products at Market! Market! last Friday. When I declined and told him that I had a bad experience with one of their products, particularly their salts scrub, he went berserk and tried to insult me instead. The nerve of that hairy man who must be a reject in his own country! Even his manager disowned him!

Anyway, I should have just told him this: Remember that you are a guest in my country and as a guest, you’d better act like one. Or, I shall have you deported back to where you came from.

Seriously, the brand isn’t what I would call trustworthy at all, not to mention their customer service sucks. I still have the products they sold me and maybe one day, I’ll finally get down to writing a review on them.

smelling the fresh green apple scent of the new air freshener I recently bought.

wishing I could watch Les Miserables with my husband when he comes home. That was actually the plan, but now we’re both having second thoughts. We’d rather stay with the girls and use the money for our grand getaway by the last quarter of this year. We have started vacationing (abroad) at least once a year, and we don’t want that to stop now.

hoping that after all the repairs and new furniture I intend to buy this summer, and after enrolling the girls and buying all the things they need for school, we’d still have enough money in our savings account. Yup, I’d better budget it right and not just cross my fingers, right?

wearing my sister’s hand-me-down shorts and my gray sleeveless shirt, which I remember buying with my mother at SM Southmall when I was still single.

loving the fact that I was able to score new books at Book Sale and I have already rearranged one of our bookshelves to make room for them. I just realized that despite the sizable collection of books stored in my Kindle app, I still prefer to read paperbacks.

wanting to stay home the whole week tidying up, planning, reading, cooking, etc. But I can’t, as there are still a dozen errands that would require me to go out. The only consolation is having lunch with a family friend on Tuesday in between my errands in Manila and Makati.

needing to start a healthier lifestyle and pay more attention to my appearance. Last week, I had my hair trimmed. This week, I shall go for a dental checkup and see my OB Gyn as well. Next week, it’s going to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

feeling somewhat accomplished for having rearranged one of our two bookshelves, having finished the novel that I have started reading a week ago, and given away my daughters’ baby towels and beddings. I forgot to take photos of them though! I made it a habit in the past to take photographs of the baby stuff we’d give away. That way, we’d still be able to remember part of their childhood.

clicking the keys of my laptop as I write this, what else?

praying that my children would both receive the highest marks in their final exams and continue to find favor in their school staff and its students.

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