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Praying for my daughters’ best

I’ve been married for nearly 13 years now, but it feels like my husband and I have been together way much longer than that. We’ve probably already talked about everything under the sun except our daughters getting married someday though. As you already know, we have two daughters, now ages 12 and 9, and as Christians, one of the things that we are taught to do as parents is the importance of praying for our children. That includes not only praying for their health, a heart that would always want to seek God, discovering, developing and using their talents to serve God, and more, but also praying for their future marriage, the person they will marry someday (and whether it is part of God’s plan for them to be married).

I have not started really thinking about them getting married one day, and so you can say that I slack when it comes to that prayer aspect until I had an opportunity to speak with one of my friends’/mentor’s only son recently. Somehow, after that meeting, whenever I would go to bed and wake up, I would be reminded of my conversation with this young man and the fact that I should be praying for my daughters’ future, too.

Now this boy, age 16, left a positive impression on me. I met with his mom for a new project collaboration and some business mentoring at their house. When it was time for me to go home, his mom asked him to drive me to a transport terminal on his way to pick up one of his sisters at school. It was during this 15-minute drive with him that I got a chance to get to know him a little bit more.

I often see him with his family, but never really had any conversation with him. I have noticed how affectionate he is, however, toward his sisters (all four of them, one of them older than him) and how respectful and obedient he is toward his parents. I’ve seen him transform from a short, lanky, quiet lad who seemed unsure of himself into a tall, confident, handsome, and sociable teenager.

I was surprised that he could actually carry a conversation with someone who is not his age, plus he seemed really interested to get to know our family too. He asked questions about my husband, his line of work, my daughters, their ages and interests, etc. Of course, I also asked a few things about him and that’s how I got to know him apart from what his parents share with me about him (and his siblings).

He also shared with me some of his plans for the future, why he’s pursuing a major in business administration, his motivation for learning how to drive, his life as an athletic scholar at a prestigious university, what it means to man up and take charge (even if he is not the eldest child) because he is the only son, and so on. Moreover, he surprised me when he talked about putting up his own business later on, so he could have more time with his future family. Okay, wait, what? I’ve met and seen some guys much older than him, who do not show any wisdom at all, yet here’s a young man who is well-educated, well-mannered, kind, and nice. And, of course, he’s a Christian and is being raised by godly parents. (I suppose I should no longer be surprised, eh?)

But that got me thinking… what if my daughters married someone like him? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem then. But what if they married someone who is his opposite, someone ungodly? Now that thought was enough to make me shudder and wish for the LORD’s second coming to be much sooner! If not, I’d do everything to keep them from committing a big mistake; after all, the apostle Paul said:

Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do. 1 Corinthians 7:8 (NIV)

One of my daughters has actually told me that she has no interest in getting married. She even expressed her desire to live with us, her parents, wherever we may be and take care of us when we are old and gray. I wonder if she’s really supposed to remain single? On the other hand, her sister seems to have already envisioned herself having a family of her own someday, even settling down in another country… But I really wish that the two of them would never be far from one another and get along with each other so much better as the days go by.

I suppose it’s just best to continue praying for my children and start to seriously pray for their future as well, God’s will for them, i.e., marriage and their future grooms. It wouldn’t hurt to do that, really! ❤


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