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Makeup epiphany

I’m no beauty blogger or makeup expert, though I wish I could be one. Truth be told, my 12-year old daughter knows more about makeup and how to apply them than I do. I have owned a lot of cosmetics during my college years, thanks to my late mother, who was an Avon lady. I would either get the stuff for free or at a huge discount; however, that still didn’t mean I became an expert at wearing makeup. Come to think of it, it’s probably because I never wanted to look like I was ever really wearing makeup, and achieving that look was a struggle for me.

Choosing the right lipstick color alone frustrates me. I had once given up on finding the right shade and brand. Each time I would visit a cosmetic shop at the mall to buy one, I would come home disappointed to find that the color that seemed to suit me while I was buying it actually looked different in the natural light. And then I would no longer feel like using it. Lipsticks eventually made me feel depressed, instead of making me feel prettier and ready to take on the world. It was only recently that I started wearing lipstick again. I would apply any color, even when I would only be staying home the whole day, just to get used to wearing lipstick again.


From the dozens I used to own, these are the only lippies I’m keeping now. I got the Mary Kays at a very low price from a distributor I met at The Beauty Chronicles, while the Macs were gifts from my husband. Yup, he actually went to a cosmetics shop in Singapore and bought them for me! The other lipsticks I bought myself based on the recommendations I’ve read online, whereas the lip balm and lip gloss were gifts from my sister and niece, respectively.

Recently, after attending the free seminar entitled The Beauty Chronicles at CCF-Alabang, I seriously thought about makeup and (having a new) wardrobe again. I must be in senior high school when I last attended a seminar like this, so I was really glad I came and I wish my girlfriends, especially fellow moms, were also with me. I realized that many of the things the speakers shared I used to practice myself. However, over the years that I have been a full-time homemaker, I have somehow decided that those things (except wearing lippies) were no longer applicable to me.

At The Beauty Chronicles, women were taught how to put on makeup properly and were given practical tips on how to save from shopping clothes and skin care products as well as how to be fit without spending a fortune at the gym. Thanks to the very knowledgeable resource speakers, I also learned about the 5-year wardrobe plan. It simply means that you need not buy clothes often; you just have to keep pieces that match your skin tone and body shape, and then you can mix and match them or accessorize to transform into a new look or to match an occasion. Amazing, right? If we would only intentionally fill our closets with just the necessities and learn to mix and match, I bet we won’t get easily drawn to payday sale campaigns and save much on clothing alone.


Professional makeup artists and reputable makeup companies were invited to provide the attendees a free makeover and products at huge discounts. I, myself, got a makeover from Satchi, Director of Canmake Philippines.

More importantly, I was reminded what it really takes to be beautiful. Indeed, no amount of makeup, accessories, or stylish clothes and shoes could make a woman feel and look good inside-out unless she has Jesus in her life. As the Bible says:

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30 (NIV)

As a woman, I am certain that this verse is talking to me, reiterating how I should conduct myself, what I should value the most, and what I must teach my young girls to value as well. As I meditate on it, I also realized that I have been seeking my husband’s praises more than anything else. I don’t really care what others think of me; all I wanted was my husband’s (and daughters’) confidence in me. When I’m not getting them, I tend to be irritable and neglectful of my duties as a mom and wife.

If you are like me, let’s agree now that the answer to our dilemma has just been spelled out. If we want to be praised, especially by our husbands, we ought to be that kind of woman all the time–a woman who fears the Lord. Our husbands may have first noticed us because of our good looks, but they would only continue to regard us well by being a woman after God’s heart. If both our husbands and ourselves fear the Lord, how could our marriages not be blissful?

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 21.44.21

With one of the women I look up to, a friend and a mentor, a fellow mom (without a helper) and a successful businesswoman who fears the Lord. (Photo grabbed from Women2Women Facebook page)

Now, if you happen to be single, know that this also applies to you. Don’t be fooled by men who flatter you because of your pleasing appearance. Make sure that the man you are attracted to holds women who love the Lord with the highest regard. And, by the way, trust me if I tell you that on top of having a God-fearing future husband, a future mother-in-law who is also God-fearing is as equally important. It’s not uncommon, especially here in the Philippines, for mothers-in-law to come between their children and children-in-law, and sadly, some marriages (slowly) disintegrate because of selfish matriarchs who could not let go of their sons and would not regard their daughters-in-law as new members of their own family. Besides, who are the first people we call on when we need help in caring for our kids, but our own mothers and mothers-in-law?

So, fellow moms, shall we also agree now that when we become parents-in-law ourselves, the only time we would come between our children and their spouses is to build them up instead of magnifying their flaws and keep them apart? Let us do our best to teach and model before our children what it means to fear the Lord. By God’s grace, I’m sure we can do that. ❤

P.S. If you want to learn more about Women2Women or view more photos from The Beauty Chronicles, please visit their page on Facebook.

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