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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 9: The one on Araw ng Kalayaan

Reading children’s books on Filipino myths and legends. I’m not sure if I was inspired to read them because it’s our country’s 118th Independence Day today, but one thing I’m sure of is I missed reading such stories! I loved them as a child and had even memorized many of them. However, as I grew older and discovered the joy of reading English literature, I suppose I started thinking less of Filipino literature.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying the books after I’ve seen them at Fully Booked earlier this evening. I know I have introduced Filipino stories to my daughters, but I am guilty of always choosing the English version because they’re easier to read out loud than the Tagalog or original version. And, as we study Filipino at school, I realized how little my daughters really know about or appreciate the Filipino culture, which is a shame. As much as this realization is appalling, I am glad that we are homeschooling; now I can teach them not only the things written in their textbooks, but also things that I believe are important for them to know and understand, too.

Writing once more about the things that are dear to me, real to me. For a time, I have started writing about other people’s lives as well as events where I get invited to and asked to blog about, many of which are still in the drafts folder. I think taking a hiatus has made me understand what I really want to write about, what kind of direction I want this blog to take, and that is. I am reminded of how much I want to be able to encourage fellow moms and wives, especially those married to OFWs like myself, with our own family stories.

Listening to a live orchestra perform the music of Bach and the Beatles this evening at Alabang Town Center was truly refreshing! My ears had begun to become deaf to real music, I’m afraid, as I often hear my daughters, especially my tweener, listen to pop music, day after day after day. I know I made the right decision to bring them to the concert earlier, especially after seeing how attentive they were. Lil Sis couldn’t stop recording the whole performance, while Big Sis’s desire to learn how to play the violin was awakened. Well, I hope they start listening to classical music now more than they listen to Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez’s songs. But, of course, I can do something about that because I’m the mom, can’t I?

Thinking how ignorant some people could be about homeschooling. When someone asked me earlier where my girls are schooling and I answered they are being homeschooled, she looked shocked and exclaimed, “What? At home?”

It was the first time I was met with such reaction and I wasn’t prepared. In the past, whenever I would meet parents homeschooling their kids, I would be in awe and I would prod them to tell me more about their (awesome) school setup. Before I started homeschooling my kids, many of my friends and some of our relatives were very supportive. One even said, “Wow! Your daughters would excel more and become smarter once you homeschool them.” Some were also skeptic but so far, none dared to discourage me at all.

In the end, I only smiled and told the woman, who happened to be my church mate, “You should consider it, you know. You’re a mom and you only have one child, after all.” But she only shook her head and looked at me as if I was out of this world. Thankfully, my eldest child appeared and I didn’t have to talk to her again, or I might say something nasty about her utter ignorance and insensitivity.

Smelling (in my head) the fragrant flowers that used to grow in our yard. Thanks (no thanks, really) to my dogs and the extreme heat this summer, they’re all gone now. Oh, well, time to plant new ones, I guess, and this time with the help of my girls. It’s a good thing it’s part of their curriculum; they’d be more motivated to diligently water them and keep their dogs from ruining them.

Wishing for a not so sunny day tomorrow. I really can’t stand the heat these days and because of that, we tend to turn on the air conditioning units day and night, resulting to ridiculously high electricity bills! Now saving some money has just become tougher for me.

Hoping that I would be the best teacher my daughters ever had, that I would truly be able to help them succeed in life. All I want is to see my children grow into Proverbs 31 Women!

Wearing my old and faded Dallas Cowboy oversized shirt. It was a pasalubong from my eldest brother, during one of his first few trips to the US. It is now one of my favorite and most comfortable sleepwear.

Loving my girls even more now that we have started homeschooling. I didn’t know that was possible, but this is already one benefit of homeschooling that I am reaping and I hope that I would see more positive changes in them, in my own self, and in our relationship with one another as we continue with our journey.

Wanting to travel as always. We weren’t able to go out of the country or out of town this summer, and I had started to feel restless. It seemed like the money I had saved up for this particular purpose had mysteriously disappeared. There’s very little amount left and I intend to use it now to study calligraphy and buy some supplies that would help rehabilitate my garden.

Needing to be one with my husband again. The past few weeks have been very challenging for us, or at least for me. There seems to be this strain in our marriage that won’t simply go away and I am getting tired. The struggle with darkness is real and the enemy would do everything to keep married couples apart emotionally and spiritually. I really need your prayers. Thank you.

Feeling good about myself the whole day. I wore my new blouse, which the fashion insider (consultant) at Forever 21 helped me pick a few weeks ago, and I got a lot of compliments. I think blush pink is my new favorite color now. (LOL) Come to think of it, this is the first time I owned a piece of clothing in that color too!

Praying for my own family and all the other OFW families out there. I pray that our families would remain united and secure in God’s love. I pray that husbands and wives, especially those in long distance relationships, would remain faithful (to) and in love with each other.

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