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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 10: The one celebrating Papa

Today, instead of feeling sad, I chose to be happy, to celebrate my father’s life and all the blessings God has given us through him. He and Mama are no longer with us, but I am certain that we will all be together again in heaven someday.

reading one book after another this past week. Call it taking advantage of the free books on Kindle and taking the time to relax as well. The past week had been a busy one for me, running errands and more, and reading was my sweet escape from the demands of being a housewife and full-time mom. Not that I’m complaining, but I really think I deserve to take a little break and enjoy one of my favorite activities.

writing emails to fellow volunteers and business letters as well as translations seem to be the only things I do lately whenever I would turn on my laptop. Hopefully, I could get myself to write about other things too and soon.

listening to the usual sounds of my surroundings. Come to think of it, it’s been more than a week now since our street became quiet again. For about two weeks, so many vehicles would pass in front of our house because one of the main roads was being repaired and everybody was taking a detour.

thinking I should feel so much better soon; had enough of vomiting for the evening. It must be because of that spicy siomai that I ate earlier. But then again, all of us had more than one, yet I was the only one who felt queasy afterward.

smelling the new lavender air freshener I put recently in the bedroom. The packaging bears a  promise that the scent would last up to 60 days. However, it’s not more than two weeks yet and the scent is already fading.

wishing I won’t have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, that I would sleep soundly tonight despite the queasiness I had earlier.

hoping to accomplish so many things this coming week, especially where homeschooling is concerned. I’m afraid we have started to lag behind and most of the time, the girls had been studying by themselves. I’ve been preoccupied with errands, house chores, and books.

wearing a pajama set that Mama used to own.

loving my daughters sleep beside me, even if there’s not much room for me to move about in bed.

wanting to visit my parents’ grave. Unfortunately, we had some misunderstanding with regard to out meeting place, not to mention it rained, so we weren’t able to go to the cemetery earlier.

needing to be more organized and consistent in planning (and delivering) our lessons. My daughters’ education and future is at stake.

feeling tired and sleepy yet happy. Why indeed did it take so many weeks before I visited my parents home again? My brother has already done a lot of changes to it, but it still feels good to lie down in bed and stare at the same ceiling we’ve always had.

praying that no one else in my family would get sick too, and that Kuya would allow us to help him with his own health concerns.

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