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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 12: The one on getting artsy

I attended a free watercolor workshop yesterday at The Crafters Marketplace, courtesy of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and The Crafters Marketplace itself, with Ian de Jesus as our instructor. It was a wonderful experience for me, and this morning, I started practicing my florals. There were times when I would get frustrated, but my husband was always quick to tell me that I’m doing a good job. However, before I continue with that, let me write something about this day first because I intend to keep my laptop shut this evening  until tomorrow, so I could just paint and spend time with the girls. (And yes, clear some of the mess I’ve made, too.

reading the book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. I’ve already seen the movie and I even have a copy of it on VCD; however, when I saw the book on sale at our village bookstore, I just got to have a copy of it too! I plan to watch the movie again once I’m done reading the novel.

writing or rather, drafting articles for the organizations or causes I support. I signed up to be part of Compassion Bloggers Network recently and I already received a couple of writing prompts to help me get started. Somehow, every time I watched the video they sent me, which is supposed to help me get into the writing groove, I tend to cry and, well, not get anything done at all.

listening to the usual sounds of my surroundings – the electric fan and voices coming from the TV. Later, I’ll be listening to the online streaming of our church pastor’s sermon too. We didn’t go out today and go to church; it looks like the girls would be coming down with a cold if they don’t rest the whole day. Baby A already got a sore throat, and I could use some rest myself after that small accident I had the other day, which gave me a scraped knee, and all the walking I had to do yesterday.

thinking I should set a time each day to do some art, including practicing calligraphy. Painting really helps me relax, next to reading, and I would really like to see some improvement in my works soon. Besides, I should value the time (and money) I have invested in learning those things, so I’d better put them into good use, aside from teaching my girls what I’m learning. Who knows, maybe you’d receive a handcrafted postcard from me before the year ends!

smelling virtually nothing. My nose must have already gotten used to the usual smell of our room. I could no longer even detect the scent of the lavender air freshener I had placed on top of the TV in our bedroom a few weeks ago.

wishing I was really there with hubby at the launch of the eighth Harry Potter book in Singapore, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Instead, I was attending it virtually, with him showing me what’s happening, what he was having for breakfast, etc. while we’re on FaceTime. Talk about long distance relationship! Well, at least it’s a weekend and we could see each other sleep or eat or walk the whole day, thanks to iPhone and the Internet.

hoping to accomplish the things I didn’t get to finish last week, especially where homeschooling is concerned. There will be a lot of errands for me to do this week, especially that it’s the first week of the month starting tomorrow, and that means much busier days.

wearing a tank top in blush pink and a pair of shorts in peach with tiny pink polka dots. Colors! I’m learning more about their names from the clothes I’ve been buying from Forever 21. Really, blush pink? LOL. I had to cut off their tags though because they’re really itchy!

loving my messy bed, er, our bed. It’s so easy to call it mine, since husband is away, which is somewhat a good thing only because he doesn’t like messy bedrooms. Who does, anyway? There are days (like, last night) when I would sleep with my laptop, books, and the huge stuffed toys he gave me, especially when the girls are sleeping in their own room. Somehow, that makes my husband’s side of the bed less empty.

wanting to order pizza and chocolate cake. Why don’t they deliver cakes, by the way? I really don’t feel like cooking or baking today, and I’m really craving for something chocolatey today. Besides, it’s a bed weather day and I just want to stay in the bedroom and read, write, and paint.

needing to be more organized in everything, especially where finances (and homeschool schedule) are concerned. Yesterday, although the art workshop at The Crafters Marketplace was free, I almost splurged on various art materials and novelty items (both for my girls and me). I’ve been trying to lower my expenses on books, at least, scouring for free ebooks on Amazon and discounted ones at our local bookstores.

feeling tired, but I’d rather not take a nap. I might not wake up in time for me to prepare  dinner.

praying that no war would ever happen in any part of the world and that terrorists and all the other evil doers would acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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