Month: August 2016

Blogging for Compassion

Coming face to face with the reason I signed up for Compassion Bloggers

Discovering Creativity

I never really considered myself artistic or creative. Growing up, MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health) was my least favorite subject both in elementary and high school, next to Mathematics, that is. I was always both in awe and jealous of my classmates who would turn in really beautiful art projects that were supposedly done by themselves. After all, we’re of the same age and grade level, so how come they could do those things while I would always end up in tears just trying to draw a simple object? My mother and older brother Manny noticed how much I struggled doing arts and crafts, so they started helping me with my projects. From then on, I had convinced myself that I had to enlist my brother’s help if I were to receive a decent grade at all. It’s a good thing  he was happy to do things for me though I suspect it was not so much because I was the baby in the family and he wanted to help, but because he …

How I came to love traveling

Traveling has always been a fun and memorable experience for me, especially when it’s done with my family. I was in junior high when I first traveled, and I did it with a beloved cousin. We toured Ilocos, both north and south, and she introduced me to my mother’s relatives–our relatives. That was one summer vacation that I would never forget. For the first time, I got to meet nearly everyone in my mother’s clan. I saw the places she frequented when she was growing up, and I finally acknowledged that I had an Ilocano blood in my veins. We went from one museum to another when we were in Vigan, and  sought out some of our distant relatives in certain barrios. I even got to name a newborn calf at one of those remote places we visited! Of course, I named it after myself so they would remember me. I also got to play not only at the beach, but also in the river banks. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me when I visited …