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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 13: The one with Rak of Aegis

reading books at random. I have recently downloaded several ebooks from my favorite Christian books website Some of them were just samples, and I’m still deciding which ones I should buy, especially that I only allot a certain amount to spend on books every month.

writing lists of activities that we need to complete for our first portfolio review at TMA Homeschool as well as articles to publish soon.

listening to Aegis’s songs. My husband is a big fan, and having seen the Rak of Aegis has turned me into a fan too, it seems.

thinking I should start setting up a budget for my daughters’ cultural-related activities, too. We will not only visit museums, but also watch theater plays together. Last July, we went to the National Museum. This month I have purchased discounted tickets to the Mind Museum, and I plan to bring them there next month.

smelling spaghetti. I made some earlier, and that’s kinda rare on a Sunday. We usually have pasta on Fridays and eat take outs or left overs on Sundays, but not tonight.

wishing I could watch Rak of Aegis again with my husband when he comes home in December. However, it is no longer available by then. In fact, tonight is its last show, after five seasons and two years of performing live at PETA Theater. I am grateful, nonetheless, to have been invited to watch it for free and as a guest blogger last August 21. Moreover, I got to attend PETA Arts Zone’s Parenting for All Aegis that same day with fellow parenting/mommy bloggers, too. (I’ll be writing about this on a separate blog.)

hoping to see more positive changes in my children’s study habits in the coming days. Some days, I’m just not sure whether I am doing the right thing until I see their outputs, especially my eldest child’s. Yeah, yeah, we’re getting there…

wearing a comfortable colorful floral dress given by my mother-in-law.

loving the fact that I have time to myself to do some writing now.

wanting to just continue writing and not ever feel the need to sleep, pee, or eat. LOL. Don’t you ever feel that way too? Of just wanting to do what you want, wishing never to be disturbed by anything at all.

needing to start planning our meals and groceries to buy. It will soon be first Wednesday of the month, which means bulk grocery shopping day, and I have to be more prepared than ever before. That is, I seriously need to stop buying things we don’t really need or won’t consume within three days, particularly when it comes to fresh produce. You have no idea how many veggies and fruits, even bread, I have to throw out each month because they just become rotten.

feeling happy and relaxed. We went to church today and after some struggle getting Little Baby Z to attend Sunday School, she came out excited. She finally wanted to attend Awana Club starting next Saturday!

praying that all the bad people surrounding us in this neighborhood will either stop doing bad things and repent, especially those who have wronged us, if not finally get apprehended by the police and thrown into jail.

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