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Blogging and Painting

The Crafters Marketplace recently invited Mommy Bloggers Philippines to take part in their free Basic Watercolor class at Shangri-la Mall in EDSA. Since it is one of my goals for this year to rekindle my passion for art, learn more about it, and do more art projects with my girls, I contacted the event organizer immediately to sign up for the said event. Indeed, it’s a privilege to be part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, and I am also grateful to organizations, such as The Crafters Marketplace, that offer learning opportunities to mommy bloggers like myself.

Ian de Jesus, our instructor, began our three-hour workshop by showing the class the different kinds of paintbrushes and their uses, even discussing a few theories and sharing some anecdotes about his own journey when he was as an Art student. I realized then how much I missed painting! It must have been a decade or so since I last picked up a brush and just painted to my heart’s content, and well, was pleased with the outcome. As I re-learned the different basic watercolor techniques, I finally started to feel excited (again) about painting with water colors.

To give you more idea about some of the things I learned with my fellow mommy bloggers that day, here are some of our photos:

going back to basics

Going back to the basic before anything else


My color wheel (Photo by The Crafters Marketplace)

paint the sky.JPG

After creating a color wheel, we were tasked to paint a picture first before painting on our own

how to paint leaves

Ian De Jesus demonstrating the different ways to paint leaves. You may follow him on Instagram @ravenfox to see more of his works and art demos.

basic watercolor class

Learning to paint a landscape and getting some feedback from our teacher (Photo by The Crafters Marketplace)

SAHMotsari creating a wreath

Leaves + florals = wreath (Photo by The Crafters Marketplace)

Ian de Jesus and Alma Ramirez of The Crafters Marketplace.jpeg

The Crafters Marketplace’s resident artist/instructor Ian de Jesus and its co-founder/proprietor Alma Ramirez. Alma said that their collaboration with Ian started when they commissioned him to do the sketch on their walls.

SAHMotsari and Mommy Bloggers Philippines at The Crafters Marketplace.jpeg

Six of the members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, including myself, proudly showing off their favorite “finished products” with their hosts.

The Crafters Marketplace offers different kinds of art classes for various age groups, both on weekdays and weekends. You may want to visit their Facebook page, Crafters n Scrappers, to find out more about their upcoming events as well as their regular activities.

Little Crafters Art Playgroup

Little Crafters Art Playgroup schedule

Next to their workshop area is a nifty store where you could find both local and imported materials for your arts and crafts needs. Of course, I did not pass up the chance to take a look at their creations and find some pasalubong for my girls.

Crafting Time_SAHMotsari

Handmade accessories by Crafting Time

Look, I even met one of their resident crafters and pottery artist, Melody “Lodi” Manalaysay! Lodi told me that some of their designs, especially the more intricate ones, are not duplicated. I’m sure my soon-to-be-teen will be thrilled to find out that the necklace we’re giving her from Crafting Time on her upcoming birthday is one-of-a-kind… Shhh!

SAHMotsari at Crafting Time

With pottery and polymer clay artist Melody Manalaysay of Crafting Time with Lodi and Lomie. To know about their upcoming workshops, please visit www.facebook.com/craftingtime.

At home, I did not only pass on to my girls everything I learned from the workshop, but has been practicing what I learned too. I even bought myself my very first artist grade watercolor (traveling) set, after seeing one from Ian and learning from him the advantages of using artist grade materials. It took a couple of weeks though before I finally tested the product and created swatches with it. LOL.

landscape using wet on wet technique

Using one of my daughters’ colorful books as inspiration. (I used Prang Watercolors and Colleen Poster Colors on this unfinished work.)

Aqua-mini Senellier

My very first artist grade watercolor set from https://www.artnebulaph.com. Really, its vibrant colors are addicting!

Attending art workshops–and coloring–will always be a very enjoyable activity for me. Not only does it help me (as a homeschool parent) teach my daughters more creatively and effectively, but it also creates a venue for me to relax and meet fellow moms who are passionate about learning, creating, and sharing (new) things too. Indeed, being a mom, even a stay-home one at that, doesn’t mean you have to be confined in the four corners of the house and become boring, or worse, losyang! Agree, mommies? ❤


Thank you, The Crafters Marketplace!

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