A Musing Mom's Tales, The Sunday Currently
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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 14: The one with definitely random thoughts

reading The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman. I’ve had this book for several months now, but it’s only recently that I have started reading it. To be honest, I have already collected so many parenting books in my mini libray at home and on Kindle app. I just need to sit down and READ each one.

writing lists of articles to write and drafts to finalize. I think it’s high time I start making an editorial board for my blog too!

listening to some of my favorite songs. Come to think of it, they all have words related to weather: Still by Hillsong United, Tuwing Umuulan by Regine Velasquez (and the Eraserheads), and Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. LOL.

thinking I really ought to upgrade my WordPress plan from personal to premium very soon. I have started getting more invitations to place ads on my site, which means more opportunities to monetize this blog. The question, however, is whether I would be able to write more often and consistently to make it all worth it.

smelling chlorine in my youngest daughter’s hair. She and her sister went swimming and it looks like the odor of this chemical is stuck in her hair even after shampooing.

wishing I had known about my youngest niece’s plan to throw a pool party for her 18th birthday and asked her lots of questions about it and offered my services (for free, of course). I could have helped with the planning and choosing the venue. I am certain that it would have been more fun and memorable for everyone, especially her guests, if it was well-planned and I had put the pakialamerang tita hat on.

hoping to be more organized in just about every thing. I feel that there’s so many things I need to do and they are starting to pile up. Again.

wearing one of my favorite shirts, which is a red cotton v-neck and a comfortable pair of  peach-colored shorts.

loving the fact that I am loved and I have Jesus who looks after me (and my family).

wanting to read, write, and sleep at the same time. I wish that’s possible to do, although how I could have such a craving makes me wonder too.

needing to start planning our menu on a weekly basis. The girls are growing and as much as I love seeing them eat heartily, I need to start adjusting the amount of food that I prepare daily. I don’t want a grumbling or sickly child all because she doesn’t have enough food to eat.

feeling happy just to stay home and rest. God is good!

praying that we would finally be able to buy a brand new and dependable car not later than June 2017. Every year we save some money for it, but we always end up using it to finance our travels abroad. This time, however, I’m willing to sacrifice traveling (outside the country) just to be able to buy a good car that would fit our family’s lifestyle and preferences. ❤

P.S. You’re probably wondering what that featured quote (from http://quotesaday.com/funny-quotes/random-funny-quotes/) was all about. Well, just like what the title of this post suggests, it’s a random thought. Does that make sense?

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