A Musing Mom's Tales, The Sunday Currently
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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 15: The one with MIBF2016 and more

reading the first few pages of Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work by Boris Joaquin. Although I am no longer an employee, I can still relate somehow to the stories and values the book upholds. Indeed, work is also worship!

writing photo captions, replies to messages on social media, emails, and then this! Ah, it feels good to write things other than business letters that are related to work. Not that I’m complaining! 😉

listening to happy songs (in my head). Yesterday at the book launch of Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work, the emcee asked us to name some songs with the words happy or work. I have a CD that contains nothing but songs with happy titles, so I was able to participate in the activity. I also got to bring home two books as prizes because of that!

thinking (still) about the 37th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). Today was the last day, and I still can’t believe that yesterday was my first time to attend this annual book fair. Nearly every year I would plan on attending, but if it weren’t for the book launch of Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work yesterday, which was held at the same building, I probably won’t be able to attend again this year for some reason despite already having a complimentary ticket.

smelling lechon kawali. The house still smells of it, unfortunately. It was our dinner earlier, and I also made a chocolate bundt cake for the first time this evening. I have two nieces celebrating their birthday today, who are working and studying abroad, respectively, and I thought we’d celebrate their birthday here even if we can’t be with them physically.

wishing we were able to come earlier to the MIBF. As much as I wanted to see all the exhibits/booths, and hoard as many books and art materials as I had hoped for, I couldn’t. The place was too crowded that I had difficulty breathing. Seriously! Next year, I’ll make it a point to come on a weekday morning, when it should not be as crowded and getting home would not be such as problem.

hoping to finish at least one of the books I have started to read this week. Did I tell you that I tend to read books at random and more than one at a time? Not a good habit, I know.

wearing a blush pink tank top and beige cotton house pants.

loving the fact that I was able to get some sleep this afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I had siesta without setting an alarm for 15–30 minutes because I still have tasks to do, including teaching my girls. Today, however, I just slept and woke up just in time to prepare dinner.

wanting to get a warm luxurious bath. Too bad our bathroom is too small to have a bath tub in it! I guess I should just start saving for a jacuzzi in the backyard, eh?

needing to keep our house in tip-top shape. We have only moved here approximately three years ago, but I’m already seeing a lot of areas in need of repair. Sometimes, it’s really better to just rent, as long as you have a good landlord/lady, that is.

feeling happy because I choose to be happy. There are so many things I could complain about, but I’d rather not.

praying that my nieces, who are celebrating their birthdays today, would come to depend on Jesus more and more each day, find favor everywhere they go, and that my family and I would always be a blessing to them. ❤

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