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The anxieties and excitement of going away

I’ve been wishing to get on a plane and travel again to Singapore the past few months to be with my husband. However, now that I would actually have that opportunity, I am having second thoughts about it. Silly me, I know!

For the past several years, it has been sort of a tradition for me to be visit my husband in Singapore to celebrate my birthday. Early this year, however, my husband and I have decided that the girls and I won’t be going out of the country this 2016 because we are going to save for our next family vacation outside the country in summer next year. After all, we were out vacationing for nearly three weeks in Laos (and Thailand) last Christmas and didn’t come home until the New Year, so that should count as a trip abroad for this year too, I guess

Anyway, little did I know that my husband won’t let this year pass without me visiting him in Singapore. He had set aside some travel money for me to be able to celebrate again my birthday with him. However, instead of looking forward to his invitation (or following his command, I should say), I started remembering the anxieties I had each time I would travel to the airport and on to another country all by myself, leaving my young daughters behind. And then, on my way back home, I would experience the heart break of having to live miles away from my husband and not see him for seemingly endless weeks.

I tend to easily adjust to the situation once my feet are (literally) back on the ground, but when I’m about to fly and I’m actually up in the air… Oh, you have no idea how heart wrenching each trip could be, knowing that I would be leaving either my daughters or my husband behind! And, guess what, I even had to do it on my birthday last year–now that’s something I don’t think I would want to do again. No, I’d rather not spend hours at the airport waiting for my flight instead of being with my loved ones, even if I would get to enjoy free treats from Starbucks because it’s my birthday.

So, my husband and I have been talking about this trip for the past two weeks now and it’s only this morning that I have decided to purchase my plane tickets. It’s been six months since I got to be with him, and I realize now that as much as I miss him and would love to be with him, this trip actually means so much more to him than probably it is to me. There’s this extra joy and energy in his voice that’s just not there before, it seems. And, he no longer doesn’t mind where we would stay. If you must know, he used to be very picky with the hotels I book, but this time he simply doesn’t seem to care any more as long as I get there and we have a place to sleep in at night.

I have told him about this Air bnb listing I was seriously considering and he surprisingly didn’t argue with it. The thing is, it would take approximately 2.5 hours travel time for him to get to the office from there–he would still have to go to the office on one of those days that I’d be in Singapore–and he just said it would be fine, one day wouldn’t hurt. In the past, he would not even consider staying at an Air bnb apartment because that would mean he would have to wash extra towels when he gets back to his place and we would have to share a bathroom with strangers, too.

Moreover, he didn’t like staying near the red district or any place that is far from his office, which is not only near the airport but also near the condo where he is staying. And yet, when I have also mentioned to him that the more affordable hotels are in Geylang and Little India, and I have found a few that really seemed nice, he just laughed and didn’t argue either. For once, he was also open to it. However, because I now seemingly have more options, the search for that perfect place has jus become more difficult for me.

So first, I had to deal with my emotions and decide whether I really wanted to travel. But now that I have started to feel excited about it, it’s looking for a place to stay that is starting to give me a headache! I’m really trying to budget our finances, since there are house repairs that need to be done almost as soon as I get back from the trip. I don’t think I should book a 3- or 4-star hotel for this short trip like I would normally do in order to stick to that budget. A rating of 2.5–3 stars should do this time.

If only I could stay at my husband’s place like the first time I visited him in Singapore! But the thing is, all the occupants of the three-bedroom condo unit he’s renting are male, and visitors, particularly females, are no longer allowed in their unit. (Hence, we started booking hotels during my stay in Singapore.) On the other hand, the decent hotels I have booked in the past are either not offering any promos at this time–and that makes them out of the budget now or have no rooms available on the duration of my stay.

I think I’ll sleep on it for now. However, if you do have any suggestion, do let me know. We would like a hotel near an MRT or a bus station as well as restaurants or food courts, and yes, away from the red district but not too far from the airport as much as possible. As for the rooms, we’d like one with a comfortable bed, restful ambiance, has a refrigerator so we could stock some food, as well as a stable hi-speed Internet connection plus cable TV, especially for the mister. As for the cleanliness and service, of course, that’s already given and that’s part of the reason I do check guests’ comments and welcome recommendations. Thank you. ❤

(Featured image by pixabay.com)


23 October 2016. I have decided to take on my cousin’s invitation to come and stay with his family next time I visit SG, and he confirmed early this week that the extra bedroom in their house is still available for us to use. Now that’s awesome! I just have to take care of the itinerary now. 🙂

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