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Musings over coffee (and hot chocolate)

Enjoying coffee and/or hot chocolate outside of home has started to become a very interesting experience for me. In fact, I am now already looking forward to the next Saturday that I’ll be able to do it again. It started when I there were no longer seminars at church that I could attend while my daughters have their Awana Club meetings on such mornings. Left with the options of staying at the church building or at the park nearby, or going to a café with my laptop, I chose the last one.

Three Saturdays ago, I was at Bo’s Coffee. I understand that they serve homegrown coffee, and they have become quite popular, but this was the first time I’ve ever been to one of their coffee shops. The place was cozy, neat, and certainly wasn’t as crowded as Starbucks on most days–maybe because it was still rather early. There were a lot of patrons at the time I was there, but many of the seats were still unoccupied, plus the noise level wasn’t enough to make me want to enjoy my coffee somewhere else.

I was able to find a couch where I could work on some translation project, though I had to share the table with a stranger who was having a full meal breakfast. I still wonder why he would eat on a low coffee table though, when there were other tables fit for proper dining! Perhaps he was also after the comfortable couch? The place also offers free WiFi access; however, I still had to resort to using my iPhone as hotspot because the signal strength was rather insufficient for me to upload my work.

Anyway, while I was there, I worked and observed and listened in–I couldn’t help it–to some of the conversations drifting around me, especially each time I would encounter a glitch on the website I was working on. I happened to be seated next to a long table filled with a bunch of people who were preoccupied with planning a wedding.

It seemed to me that the couple has opted to enlist the help of their friends and family in planning their wedding, and I thought that was really sweet and economical, especially that their friends seemed enthusiastic about helping. I had to keep myself though from speaking up and offering suggestions as I remembered my own church wedding and how my husband and a few relatives and friends volunteered to help us with the preparations, too.

I came out of that place feeling happy. For one, my craving to try something new was satisfied. I went to a coffee shop that I’ve never been to before, and while I was in it, I tried one of their cold drinks/fraps, Espresso Crumble, and I really liked it. I think I’ll have it again when I come back. Second, I was reminded of my own church wedding 13 years ago, and that was enough to make me happy.

The other Saturday, however, I decided to leave my laptop at home. I brought instead with me my BDJ planner and pencil case, which contains calligraphy and/or color pens, aside from the regular pens, pencils, and erasers, along with Abbey Sy’s The ABCs of Hand Lettering. I thought I would practice calligraphy/hand lettering while having coffee, er, hot chocolate.

This time, I went to Jollibee at Molito–the very same branch I complained about a few months ago for the utterly poor customer service we received–since it’s closer to where my girls were, plus I didn’t have as much time to spare (we were late for the girls’ club meeting). However, instead of coffee, I had a cup of their rich hot chocolate. Anyway, the crowd I encountered here was different–they just eat and go, except for the group of young men having a Bible study two tables away from where I was seated.

It’s refreshing to see a male group praying together, learning about God together, and encouraging one another. I suppose they’re from the same church as we are, and I couldn’t help but feel both humbled and proud. I admire their zeal to bring honor to God, by making Him known and bringing people closer to Him. I wish my own girls would have that zeal too as they grow. Although I am part of a Bible study or discipleship group (DGroup) at our church and I have my own daughters to mentor now, I also hope that one day, I could lead a group of young ladies and help them get to know more God as I learn from them, too.

Tomorrow is going to be Saturday again, but I have a conference to attend and won’t be in the same area. Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a coffee shop or restaurant that either serves good coffee or hot chocolate that I can enjoy. I wonder what group of people I would encounter tomorrow… ❤

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