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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 16: The one where my eldest officially became a teen

reading Sue Townsend’s The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year and Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul. Both are interesting reads and have been on my reading list for quite some time now. The first one’s purely for entertainment purposes although it’s not something that I would really recommend others to read; whereas, the latter is to equip me when it comes to blogging, especially now that I have subscribed to WordPress Premium Plan. And, yes, I would recommend Ruth Soukup’s books to anyone interested to learn more about blogging without selling their souls. 😉

writing stories randomly. As usual, there are lots of them in my drafts folder, and one even got accidentally published earlier, so I just went ahead and did the final edit. Now I’m wondering whether I should still write that love letter to my new teenager, who turned 13 last Sunday. What do you think?

listening to Sesame Street songs. Well, they’re actually for my 10-year old daughter, who still couldn’t sleep even after I’ve read a bedtime story to her.

thinking about my upcoming trip to Singapore. I am fully convinced now that I needed a break and I simply must go without qualms about it and trust that my daughters would be fine by God’s grace and with the help of my in-laws. I think it would also help my kids, especially my eldest daughter who turned 13 exactly a week ago, to help them find their identity without me constantly around. This would be the longest time we would be apart though.

wishing I had been more strict with my girls. Sometimes, just to avoid getting angry and ruining the moment, I ignore their bad habits. Okay, not exactly bad, but not really good either. For example, turning in their gadgets after two hours of use and not allowing them to oversleep, especially on weekdays.

hoping to avoid any confrontational situation in the near future. I tend to be irritable and impatient, but I’m learning to restrain now from biting off someone else’s head, i.e., verbally, although not so much when it comes to (personal) written communications. At least my clients are not complaining that I have jeopardized their prospects because the business letters I have written on their behalf lack the soft touch. Lol. Seriously, I believe I am more diplomatic when I say things through pen and paper or email.

wearing my tattered white sleeveless blouse with small printed red hearts and old purple shorts. These clothes have been with me for probably a decade now or more, and believe it or not, they still fit.

loving the fact that I was able to get some rest today. I’ve been dealing with so many things lately and have been out nearly everyday for the past week, and I’m afraid the same pattern is bound to continue this week. I was supposed to go to the funeral of one of our Yuppies members’ mom, then visit my own parents’ grave today. However, I have started to feel really bogged down, especially after coming home last night from the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016. And so, we stayed home the whole day and rested as much as we could.

wanting to get a private audience with Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. You see, I was an ESL teacher and used to teach Chinese students. I loved teaching, but the news of China’s lack of respect to the Philippines, particularly with regards to the Panatag/Scarborough Shoal, was enough to make me to stop teaching Chinese students years ago. I may be only one, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do anything. I remember thinking to myself then, “Why would I even help them prosper by teaching them English?” That is why I don’t understand now why Mr. Duterte seems to be prostituting our country to this nation that thinks so highly of itself and has shown many times over that it holds no respect to its neighboring countries, particularly the Philippines.

needing to finalize the itinerary for my upcoming trip and lesson plans for my girls to follow while I’m away on vacation.

feeling sleepy now despite the fact that I was able to nap this afternoon.

praying that my husband and I would be a blessing to the people that we are going to meet during my stay in Singapore, especially to my cousin and his family, who would be providing a room for us in their home. And, of course, for my daughters and in-laws, even for our pets and plants and the house, to be safe at all times too.❤

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