Month: November 2016

Rediscovering Ukay-ukay

Rediscovering the joy of finding branded items at a very low price and teaching kids how to budget their money by shopping at a thrift store

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 19: The one on my 39th birthday

reading the birthday greetings I received through Facebook. I know that many of these well-wishers may not really know that it was my birthday yesterday until they saw the notification on Facebook. Regardless, I appreciate them taking the time to write me a short note and even ask how I’ve been, especially that my wall is on private mode. That is, no one can post anything on my wall without my approval, so that makes it a little bothersome for them to go to Messages or find an appropriate post where they could leave their messages in the comments field. writing down things that I need to do this coming week. Well, okay, I’m really trying to set new goals, but it looks like they would have to wait until I get some sleep. listening to what my heart is saying. And you know what, it’s telling me that I am happy. Who says an adult can no longer spend her birthday at TimeZone with both her young kids and adult friends and relatives? You have no idea …

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 18: The one with a weekend of firsts

The This weekend was my first time to attend a major bloggers’ conference: Blogapalooza. It was also the first time I had an adult sleep over at our place, who also happens to be my cousin and playmate when I was young. We also visited my parents’ grave at night for the first time (and it’s not All Souls’ Day) and found out about the banchetta at Golden Haven. Anyway, just read on for more information and find out what other things went through my head this weekend. 😉 reading Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul on Kindle app. It’s really a good read–very encouraging and informative. It’s the first time I bought a book on blogging–and it was rather costly compared to the usual ebooks I buy–but it was worth it. It makes me wonder all the more, however, how certain blogs, especially by Filipino bloggers, get to have so many followers when all they do is promote products and events. I see no soul when I read their blogs, yet brands …