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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 18: The one with a weekend of firsts

The This weekend was my first time to attend a major bloggers’ conference: Blogapalooza. It was also the first time I had an adult sleep over at our place, who also happens to be my cousin and playmate when I was young. We also visited my parents’ grave at night for the first time (and it’s not All Souls’ Day) and found out about the banchetta at Golden Haven. Anyway, just read on for more information and find out what other things went through my head this weekend. 😉

reading Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul on Kindle app. It’s really a good read–very encouraging and informative. It’s the first time I bought a book on blogging–and it was rather costly compared to the usual ebooks I buy–but it was worth it. It makes me wonder all the more, however, how certain blogs, especially by Filipino bloggers, get to have so many followers when all they do is promote products and events. I see no soul when I read their blogs, yet brands prefer them, sadly. I am starting to think that I’ll never get my blog monetized if what it would take is for me to “sell my soul”. Good thing I have this book to encourage me!

writing down things that need to be done this week, beginning with certain house repairs tomorrow.

listening or hearing, rather, snippets of phone conversations my cousin was having with some of her friends. It’s a little surreal that she’s spending the night at our place and sharing the bed with me. When we were kids, we used to stay at each other’s house for days during summers. That felt a long, long, long time ago, but I still feel that same excitement and shyness I used to have.

thinking how different the MRT experience in Manila is from Singapore. If I were to use the latter as the standard, I’d only feel depressed. Perhaps next time I should stay a month at home after going back from a trip abroad before going out again. I can’t help but compare how backwards and undisciplined many of us are compared to other nations.

wishing my fellow Filipinos, especially commuters and motorists, would have the discipline we all need to make traveling or commuting, even walking in the streets, a pleasant experience for everyone. It’s unnerving that even if you are already using the pedestrian lane and following traffic lights, there’s still a big possibility that you will get run over by overspeeding vehicles, especially those in motorcycles. Add to that the fact that someone could just grab your bag as you are walking on the sidewalk, etc.

hoping to have made a good impression on the few individuals I met yesterday at the Blogapalooza. It was my first time to attend the said prestigious annual event for bloggers. I was told by a fellow blogger that the previous years were much better, especially when it first started. I can’t say I had a fabulous experience, but I suppose it was good enough for a first timer. Anyway, that’s one item on my bucket list I’m crossing out now – attend a  major bloggers’ conference this year.

loving the flower wreaths (see featured photo) given away at the PAL booth earlier at the Blogapalooza. I think we’ll recycle them into Christmas wreaths, especially that Christmas is coming and store-bought Christmas wreaths are rather expensive.

wanting to spend more time writing, reaching out to other bloggers, readers, and influencers, but I’m really having difficulty managing my time. I just hope the money I paid for this blog’s plan would not go to waste.

needing to be more driven and focused and organized in various areas of my life. Time is a precious commodity and I feel that I have already wasted so much of it in the past year despite having attained most of the goals I had set.

feeling a lot better now that I was able to visit my parents’ grave after several months. I would normally go to the cemetery before I leave for a short trip abroad and before or on my birthday, too. This was the first time I’ve been there after dark though. It’s a good thing I have told my older brother that I was coming with our cousin and my daughters, and he met us there. By the way, did you know that there’s a banchetta at Golden Haven every Friday to Sunday evening. Moreover, aside from Jollibee, there are also other restaurants there now, and they’re all together in one area.

praying that my family would be a blessing to our house guest, my cousin. My husband and I stayed at her brother’s place in Singapore while we were there last week. I thought I would start connecting with her again too on a regular basis, especially that we used to be playmates when we were young, even if she was two years older than me. Besides, she’s also from Laguna and she lives by herself.

grateful that my family and I are blessed enough to share something with others. ❤

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